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Detailed Data Coverage Maps Added to Basketball Reference

14th February 2019

The Basketball Reference database contains box scores for every game in NBA/BAA/ABA history. However, the completeness of these box scores is variable. The boxes are more or less complete back to 1983-84, but only player points, field goals and free throws are complete all the way back to the start of the BAA in 1946-47. However, we are constantly fleshing out older box scores to make the data on the site more complete (with big assists from Todd Spehr, Sean Burrill and Matt Shuh). Since this is constantly changing, we have added a data coverage summary so that users know how complete our data is when running a search. As you can see, the page has four different tabs: Games, Playoff Games, Regular Seasons and Playoffs.

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High School Hoops All-Americans Added Back to 1949

14th February 2019

In college basketball the talent spread across teams has always been very disparate. This makes recruiting arguably the most important aspect of college basketball (ahead of even coaching). For the more modern era of the game, we have compiled Recruiting Services Consensus Index Rankings back to 1998. That is a compilation of the top 100 recruits in any given class.

But aside from noting McDonald's All-Americans, we had little to no info on the top recruits from older seasons. So we're happy to announce that we've now compiled information on High School Basketball All-Americans all the way back to 1949!

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Every 2,000-Point Scorer in College Basketball History

12th February 2019

With Chris Clemons and Mike Daum on the verge of becoming the 9th and 10th 3,000-Point scorers in major men's college basketball history, we have added a master list of every 2,000-Point scorer in major men's college basketball history to the Frivolities section of our college basketball site.

The list currently features 579 names, including 11 players active in 2018-19: Clemons, Daum, Jon Elmore, Tyler Hall, Fletcher Magee, Garrison Mathews, Matt Morgan, Nick Mayo, Tookie Brown, Jordan Davis and Justin Wright-Foreman.

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Full Shooting Details for Every* 50-Pt Game in NBA History

6th February 2019

Through the games of February 5, 2019 there have been 533 50-point games in NBA history (497 in the regular season and 36 in the playoffs). We have a box score with FGM, FTM and Points scored for every player for every game in NBA history. What we don't always have (particularly for older seasons) is FGA and FTA. However, we have made a concerted effort to get these details for every 50-point game in league history and we now have the full shooting details for all of these performances with the exception of three.

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Starter/Sub Data for Every QB Since 1950

6th February 2019

Last month, we announced that you could now search for spans of starts by QBs, back to 1950 in the Player Game Finder. We want to point out that you can also use this feature as a simple toggle to restrict your search to starters or subs. This can be done for all other positions only back to 1999, but for quarterbacks it works back to 1950 using the "QB Started" filter.

Here's a few examples of searches you can run with this capability:


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