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A Discussion of WAR Wherein I Ardently Attempt to Avoid any WAR-Related Puns

21st November 2017

This article assumes a lot of prior knowledge about the discussion of Wins Above Replacement, you can catch up here

First off, none of us are here without Bill James. We are all at our very best merely Chaucer or Joyce to his Shakespeare. All sabermetrics predating him flowed into his work and all sabermetrics after him carries echoes of his work.

To the discussion at hand.
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No-Hitters and Perfect Games Added to Baseball Reference

21st November 2017

We're happy to announce that we've added a page that should answer one of our most frequently asked questions.

No, we haven't penned a detailed description of why we hate your favorite team (yet).

Rather, we've added a page with every no-hitter and perfect game in MLB history. You'll find the list is sortable, contains a leaderboard and also has a separate table for the 11 combined no-nos (where the no-hitter was a combined effort).

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We Don’t Have an App, But Here’s How to Get One Anyway

20th November 2017

On Twitter, I've noticed one question come up over and over again:

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Every Championship Round Game 7

1st November 2017

With tonight's World Series Game 7, we thought we'd post quick links to Play Index searches showing every championship round Game 7 in MLB, NBA and NHL history. The lists are searches for home teams in Game 7s, sorted by date. If you click the date, you can see the box score for the game (when available). Enjoy!
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