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Sports Reference is Hiring for Six Positions

13th October 2021

We've created a page to describe our hiring process.

We post our jobs through our page on breezy. Visit to apply.

Currently open positions

We will be starting the phone interview process October 25th through November 12th.

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Sports Reference adds a DevOps Engineer

10th November 2020

Nick Pazoles has joined Sports Reference as a DevOps engineer. Nick previously worked for Cleo in the Chicagoland area and is the first White Sox and University of Michigan football fan on staff.

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Sports Reference Adds Two

3rd November 2020

I'm pleased to announce that Charlotte Eisenberg and Adam Darowski have joined Sports Reference in full-time roles.

Charlotte is joining us as a Data Developer working on baseball, basketball and hockey. She was an intern with Sports Reference previously and also spent a year with the Texas Rangers front office.

Adam is our new Head of User Experience. He has been a long-time consultant for Sports Reference and is responsible for the responsive redesign we undertook in 2016-17 and the design of our new Stathead service. You can follow him on twitter @baseballtwit.

In another move, Jaclyn Mahoney has been promoted from Data Developer and will now manage our Business Intelligence efforts.

About Sports Reference.

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Play Index Tools are Moving to

13th May 2020

The Play Index first launched on over thirteen years ago and has been one of the most used research tools for baseball ever since. Many of these tools have been recreated on our Basketball, Football, Hockey and College sites over the last twelve years, and, likewise, they have earned a dedicated user base of their own. Our Baseball Play Index was always a subscription product, but we never applied that model to the other sports' tools. It was always our intention to charge for these products, but for a variety of reasons that never happened.

The Sports Reference sites have continued to grow in traffic and advertising revenue over that time to the extent that the Play Index and our ad-free options are a very, very small portion of our revenue. Most of that is on us, as we have not done a great job of promoting and marketing tools that are highly valued by a dedicated group of users. The Basketball, Football, Hockey, and College Play Indexes represent well under 1% of our revenue. In addition, the Play Index tools are complicated to maintain and manage, and quite frankly are a money-loser for us at this time. It's well past time for us to re-think how these tools are positioned within our constellation of sites.

While Sports Reference is doing well overall, I'm not comfortable with having so much of our revenue dependent on advertising. We are very beholden to search engines continuing to send us traffic, and likewise the ad market can be fickle and difficult for a small to medium size operator to navigate. With the economic downturn currently taking place, our ad revenue is down significantly as well.

In addition, advertising on the sites does not make it easier for you to answer the questions you have. This is our primary mission. We maintain a relatively low level of advertising on the sites (at least compared to your regional newspaper), and we are loathe to add additional advertising units or more intrusive units. Some of you may use an ad blocker, in which case we are making no money from your use of the site at all, and the audience for our ad-free product has proven to be very small as well.

A subscription model aligns our interests much better with our users' interests as well. I realize that users are being asked to sign up for lots of subscriptions these days, but we feel the tools within the Play Index are so specialized and useful that they warrant a paywall.

So we are making some changes. The Play Index for each site will be moving to will become the center for all of our subscription products. We expect these products to include tools and information beyond just a redesigned set of Play Index tools. This won't happen all at once, but we've started with baseball and are proceeding through the remainder of our sports over the next two months. Also, we have ended our dedicated ad-free product and instead Stathead memberships will have ad-free built-in. There just aren't enough users to justify a separate ad-free product. These changes will began in April for baseball and will be followed by Hockey in May, Basketball and probably Football in June and then College over the summer.

You can try out Stathead Baseball now. If you do a little digging, you will see that we are charging $8/month for a single sport and subscribing to all sports will cost $16/month. We realize moving from free to $8/month is a big ask, but we feel the tools provide a great deal of value and also believe that we can't continue to support the products without a viable revenue stream.

During the deployment of these changes, the existing Play Indexes will remain free.

--sean forman

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Row Isolation Added to Sports-Reference Sites

16th October 2019

Sports-Reference has added a feature to tables that will make it a lot easier to compare teams and players in an easily scannable fashion. Now, when you select a row on a table, a popup will appear with a button: "Show Only Selected Rows". Highlight the rows you want to isolate, and once you're ready, click the button. The site will then fade out the unselected rows so the only rows displayed are the ones you highlighted. If you want to return to viewing the full table, just click on the "Show All Rows" button.

This feature applies to any tables that don't have row summing capabilities. This will work on both desktop and mobile. You can see a video of the feature in action at Baseball-Reference's Twitter account. You can contact us through our feedback form if you have any questions or suggestions.

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CFB-Reference Adds Preseason Championship Odds

21st May 2019

Earlier this month, Pro-Football-Reference made an addition of preseason Super Bowl odds. In a similar vein, Sports-Reference's college football site now has preseason national championship odds back to the 2002 season. From the year summary page, you can find this information in the Polls & Ratings tab.

2018's preseason odds show that Alabama was the favorite at +175, but eventual champion Clemson had the second-best odds, at +400. A champion with longer odds was 2010 Auburn, which was tagged at +5000 in the 2010 preseason to win it all. Texas, Georgia and Oregon State, who went on to have losing seasons, received better preseason odds than Auburn to win it all that year.

For the first time since 2015, a school that is not Alabama may finish with the highest preseason championship odds, as Clemson is leading 2019 odds at +180, as of May 17, 2019. Those odds will update periodically as we approach the beginning of the 2019 season. We want to give a special thanks to for contributing to this addition to our site. If you have any questions or suggestions about College Football at, feel free to contact us through our feedback form.

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CFB-Reference’s School Streak Finder Adds Scoring Margin Criteria

10th May 2019

One of the tools available in the Play Index section of College Football at is the School Streak Finder, which is able to search schools' game results all the way back to 1869 as long as they were classified as a major school. The School Streak Finder could search for longest overall winning streaks or most consecutive games allowing 28 points or more. Now, we have added scoring margin as a searchable criteria in this tool.

One streak that was making the rounds last season was Alabama's 12-game streak of beating their opponents by 20 points or more. As it turns out, that was the longest such streak in over 100 years. The absolute longest streak remains Michigan, who won 17 consecutive games by 20 points or more from 1901 to 1902. In the opposite direction, did you know that Florida International has the longest streak of losses by double-digits in history, losing 14 consecutive games by 10 points or more from 2006 to 2007?

If you have any questions or suggestions about this feature or other parts of the site, feel free to contact us through our feedback form.

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Begin Your 2019 NFL Draft Prep With PFR

27th February 2019

The NFL Scouting Combine is ramping up, and we find ourselves 2 months away from this year's NFL Draft. You can begin familiarizing yourself with the process and history of the draft on Pro-Football-Reference.

Our 2019 Draft Preview shows you the current draft order, as well as the historical best picks in each slot and the average player value that pick has produced.

We have a 2019 Draft Prospects page that lists the draft-eligible players broken down by positions, as well as links to their college statistics if you want to dive a little deeper into their past performance.

As Combine results come in, you can compare how past Combine participants have fared in 40-yard dashes and vertical jumps, among other drills, with our NFL Combine Results Play Index tool, which can search all available measures back to the 2000 Combine. 2019 results will be searchable after the Combine is completed.

Other sections of our Play Index that you can explore include our Draft Finder, which lets you search for draft results with custom criteria such as position, round, team and more, and our Trade Finder, which lets you search for player or draft pick trades since 1994.

Our Draft Pick Trade Value Chart uses the classic Jimmy Johnson system to assign value points to each pick of the 2019 draft, a great aid if you want to project potential pick trades as we approach Draft Day.

Get yourself acquainted with NFL Draft history at Pro-Football-Reference, all the way back to the first one in 1936, and using the previously mentioned features you can get yourself prepared for the 2019 edition of one of the NFL's biggest offseason events.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us through our feedback form.

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Kenny Jackelen Joins Sports Reference

11th October 2018

Kenny Jackelen has joined Sports Reference as a web developer. Kenny will be working on our baseball site and elsewhere. He brings a long history of software development to Sports Reference. He previously worked as a software developer at Epic, and lives with his family in Minnesota where he cheers on the Twins and will be leading the Joe Mauer for Hall of Fame election bandwagon. He's on twitter at @kennyjackelen.

This brings us to eleven full-time employees. We don't have any open positions at this moment, but any future opportunities will be advertised both here and on social media accounts.

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Dan Hirsch Joins Sports Reference

4th September 2018

Dan Hirsch joins Sports Reference today as a web developer. If you are a baseball fan, you likely know Dan's name from his work as the creator of The Baseball Gauge. At the Baseball Gauge, he's done a great deal to promote Negro League History, the History of Ballparks, and also the comparison of various sabermetric uber-stats. We are excited to have him on board. Dan lives in Omaha with his family and follows the Tampa Bay Rays and Florida Gators. He's on Twitter at @DanHirsch.

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