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FEATURE: B-R Tonsorial Consulting Service

1st April 2015

We have an exciting feature for our users who also happen to be major league ballplayers. The new TCS® (Tonsorial Consulting Service) can help you decide new directions to take your hair style and/or facial hair without having to take the time to grow the hair first.
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Elo Rater Fixed

13th December 2012

Just a quick note that our MLB Elo Rater feature is functional once again. Some users had been reporting a little trouble with it recently, but it should be working now. Feel free to vote once again for the greatest players of all time (and be sure to read up on the way we turn votes into rankings). Enjoy!

UPDATE: We believe we have finally found the error and fixed Elo for good. Let us know in the comments or via email if you have any other problems with it.

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Incomplete Stats for 10/29

30th October 2012

Due to hurricane-related issues with our data provider, stats for the Monday night NFL game are incomplete. We will update them as soon as we have the data, but until that point the player pages for 49ers and Cardinals players will be missing yesterday's game stats.

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PFR and Now on a New Server

7th September 2012

We recently leased a newer, more powerful machine to host our football, hockey and basketball sites. Basketball hasn't moved yet, but today we flipped the switch on the football and hockey sites. This new machine boasts 16 cores and 16GB of RAM, so it will be a lot faster than our previous machine.

This should mean you can now view Tom Brady and Jurrell Casey's pages much more quickly.

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Basketball Hall of Fame Section

7th September 2012

With the Hall of Fame's inductions tonight, just a reminder that you can check out a list of Hall of Famers here... Also, you can select HoF induction status as a criterion in Play Index searches.

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2012 ASG Box Score and Update –

11th July 2012

July 10, 2012 All-Star Game Play-By-Play and Box Score -

We've updated the site with the 2012 All-Star Game data. The Play Index and other areas of the site should be updated now.

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CBB: Use Our Adjusted Power Ratings to Fill Out Your Brackets

14th March 2012

At the beginning of the 2011-12 NCAA Basketball season, we began to calculate Adjusted Offensive and Defensive Ratings for each team. In a nutshell, these ratings measure a team's offensive and defensive abilities independent of the pace at which they play. Since raw PPG totals can be greatly influenced by how many possessions a team has to score and defend, per-possession metrics more accurately reflect a team's true skill levels (pace is largely a choice, and it has almost no correlation to how good a team is at scoring and defending on a per-possession basis).

Here were the best teams during the regular season by adjusted net rating (adjusted Offensive Rating minus adjusted Defensive Rating):

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Merry Christmas from Sports Reference

23rd December 2011

Merry Christmas from Sports Reference

Merry Christmas from the Sports Reference Crew.

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Happy Turkey Day!

23rd November 2011

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Sports Reference Crew!

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