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Missing Elgin Baylor Triple-Double Found

Posted by Mike Lynch on July 1, 2024

We know that Elgin Baylor had 26 triple-doubles in his regular-season NBA career. However, for many years we have only known the particulars around 25 of the 26. We knew we were missing details on one in the 1962-63 season, but we weren't certain which one. We are happy to announce that we have discovered that this 'missing' triple-double occurred on March 1, 1963 in a game at the Chicago Coliseum against the Chicago Zephyrs (now known as the Washington Wizards). Baylor finished the game with 33 points, 15 rebounds and 10 assists. With the addition of this data, we now have the details on 3,450 of the 3,475 known triple-doubles in NBA history. Of the 25 triple-doubles we are missing details on, 14 of them belong to Bob Cousy. We know Cousy had 33 triple-doubles, but we have details on just 19 of them. If you have access to official scorer's reports for older NBA games, please let us know!

The official scorer's report for this game is attached below.

Below is the list of known triple-doubles for which we are missing details:

1950-51 2
1951-52 1
1952-53 5
1953-54 1 (PROBABLY 11/1/53)
1955-56 4
1957-58 1

1967-68 1

1962-63 1

1968-69 1

1965-66 1 (PROBABLY 12-14-65)


1965-66 1 (PROBABLY 12/14/65)


1955-56 1 (PROBABLY 12/10/55)

1957-58 1

1951-52 1 (PROBABLY 3/16/52)

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Gap Year Descriptions Added to WNBA Coverage

Posted by Mike Lynch on June 26, 2024

Thanks to the efforts of our data intern Maddy Brown and our engineering intern Clare O'Dwyer, Basketball Reference has compiled and added descriptions for gap years for WNBA players. Similar to what we display for NBA players, these show career interruptions where a player misses a whole season due to injury, retirement or other circumstances. Some good examples are Sue Bird (who missed 2013 and 2019),  Sheryl Swoopes (2001, 2009, 2010), Elena Delle Donne (2020) and Lisa Leslie (2007).

We hope you enjoy these additions.

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College Football Stats Have Arrived in Stathead

Posted by Jonah Gardner on June 21, 2024

Exciting news! You can now search college football stats with a Stathead Football subscription! Our first tool for college stats, the College Player Season Finder, is now live on Stathead Football. With this addition, Stathead is your all-access pass to the College Football Reference database.

The Player Season Finder is one of Stathead's most popular tools, giving you the ability to answer questions from a single season, multiple seasons, and way more. Here's a few examples of the questions you can answer with this new tool:

  1. What were the most rushing yards by a freshman?
  2. Who had the most seasons with 4,000 passing yards?
  3. What's the school with the most Heisman Trophy winners?
  4. Who had the most rushing yards in a season with 30 passing TDs?

You can search offensive stats back to 1956 with a Stathead subscription! More tools will be coming in the months ahead, giving you the ability to search team stats and look for player game stats as well.

If you haven't tried Stathead Football, now's the perfect time! Plans start at $9 per month and there's a month-long free trial so you can decide if Stathead is for you.

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Baseball Reference is sunsetting the Oracle of Baseball

Posted by sean on May 28, 2024

We have decided to turn off the Oracle of Baseball for good. There are a couple of reasons for this which I'll get into below. This feature was launched in 2002 or so, so this isn't a decision we take lightly. We know there are a number of users who will be sad to see this tool go, but in order for us to update the sites in a number of important ways we will be making this change.

  • The Oracle of Baseball only gets about 10,000 user sessions per year which makes it very hard to prioritize work to improve or modify it.
  • Related to the above, the Oracle data hasn't been updated since 2021. Due to some underlying data changes it became difficult for us to keep the data generated and up to date. As I said above, it's hard to prioritize a multi-day project to update the tool when it won't pay off for decades at current usage rates.
  • We are working on a major upgrade to our operating system on the sites' servers. The Oracle is a custom built app that runs as a daemon in the background on the servers and porting this over to our new infrastructure would be a difficult process even for a tool that was generating a lot of revenue.

All three together mean we can't make a business case (or even a user-based case given the opportunity cost of this work) to continue supporting this feature. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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All-Rookie Voting History Added to Basketball Reference

Posted by Mike Lynch on May 24, 2024

Earlier in the week we added All-Rookie voting for the 2023-24 season to Basketball Reference on our Award Voting page and player pages. We also took this opportunity to flesh out most of the history of the voting for this honor thanks to the research efforts of NBA historian Todd Spehr. Read the rest of this entry

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College Player Season Finder launches on Stathead Basketball

Posted by Jonah Gardner on May 21, 2024

Stathead Basketball has added something new, completing our set of college basketball discovery tools!

The Player Season Finder gives you the power to search through College Basketball Reference's extensive database of player statistics for both men's and women's Division 1 hoopers. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Sue Bird, Michael Jordan, Caitlin Clark and all your other favorites are in this new tool. You can use the Player Season Finder to answer questions like:

  1. What men's player had the most seasons with 1,000 points?
  2. What women's team had the most All-Americans in a season?
  3. What women's player played the most minutes as a freshman?
  4. What season had the most men's players averaging 10+ assists per game?

The College Player Season Finder completes the initial set of college basketball tools on Stathead. If you already subscribe to Stathead Basketball, all of these are included in your plan!

If you've never tried Stathead before, now is the perfect time. The new college tools are perfect for reflecting back on the most recent season, researching WNBA rookies' college careers, prepping for the NBA Draft and looking for comps for top-ranked prospects, and following the NBA Playoffs and WNBA season. It's only $9 per month and your first month is free to try it!

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Sports Reference Bolsters Product and Operations Capabilities with 3 Hires

Posted by Adam Darowski on May 8, 2024

Sports Reference has made three hires this Spring—two Product Managers to help define and guide new product efforts and an Executive Operations Coordinator to streamline company’s operations. We are thrilled to welcome:

Zach Bellavia, Product Manager, joined Sports Reference in April 2024. He's a Butler University alum and has an affinity for the scrappy underdog. Zach follows most Chicago sports teams. He also enjoys the niche fandom of professional track and field and distance running.

Emily Anderson, Product Manager, joined Sports Reference in 2024. Originally from Indiana, Emily now resides in Chicagoland after a long stint in Los Angeles. Emily was indoctrinated into following Michigan football and the Detroit Tigers from childhood, but her support of Arsenal, Chicago Sky, and the Chicago Red Stars is self-imposed. You can find her on Twitter at @EmCAnderson.

Kristiana Passeri, Executive Operations Coordinator, joined Sports Reference in the middle of 2024 after interning on the marketing team the previous summer. She resides in the Chicagoland area and is a fan of the Bears and Fire, as well as FC Barcelona, Argentine/US soccer and Formula One.

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College Team Season Finder is Live on Stathead Basketball!

Posted by Jonah Gardner on April 23, 2024

Exciting news! We've just added our newest discovery tool to Stathead Basketball: the Team Season Finder for college stats.

The Team Season Finder gives you the ability to search College Basketball Reference's vast and mighty database of men's and women's team stats. Search stats including basic stats like wins, points, assists, and rebounds, as well as advanced stats like offensive and defensive rating and pace. You can find information like:

  1. Most wins in a season for a Men’s team
  2. Fewest wins in a season for a Women’s Team that won the National Championship
  3. Worst record by a team that made the men's Final Four
  4. Fastest women's team by pace factor since 2002-03

Coverage for some stats goes all the way back to 1947-48 for men's teams and 1987-88 for women's.

Haven't tried Stathead yet? What are you waiting for? It's your all access pass to the Basketball Reference and College Basketball Reference databases and your first month is on us. Upgrade to Stathead today

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Starts Data Added for Knicks Back to 1964-65

Posted by Mike Lynch on April 9, 2024

Games Started have been officially tracked as an NBA statistic since 1970-71, but comprehensive season-level data on games started is only currently in the public realm back to 1981-82. Thanks to old media guides we have been able to flesh out this coverage for some players and teams (most notably the 76ers due to the legendary efforts of Harvey Pollack). Basketball Reference is happy to announce that we have added regular season starts for the Knicks back to the 1964-65 season. So, for instance, we are now able to present that Willis Reed started 613 of his 650 Knicks games and that Walt Frazier started 666 of his 759 games with the franchise. It is also interesting to note the pattern of the number of starts for Bill Bradley and Cazzie Russell during the Knicks glory years of the late 60s and early 70s. This information is thankfully printed in the Knicks media guide and we should be able to add playoff starts for the franchise back to 1954, as well. Though starts have only been 'officially' tracked since 1970-71, obviously it was something that teams could reliably compile for earlier years, as the Knicks have done. Additionally, we have recently found games started for the Chicago Bulls back to 1970-71, so we hope to soon have an extra decade of starts coverage for the Bulls.

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Game-by-Game Punting Data Added for 1950-59

Posted by Mike Lynch on March 25, 2024

Pro Football Reference has added game-by-game player punting stats to the site. This new data appears in our box scores and player gamelogs. It also queryable in Stathead Football's tools such as the Player Game Finder. Here, for instance, is a search for the most punt yards in a game from 1950-59. We'd like to thank Ken Pullis and Pete Palmer for contributing this data.

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