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Awards Information Added to Main Player Tables on Basketball Reference

Posted by Mike Lynch on February 7, 2024

The main player stat tables on Basketball Reference (the first set of stats on a player's page) now feature information on awards the player won, and some award voting information for each season. The information included uses the following shorthand:

AS: All Star

NBA1, NBA2, NBA3 (or WNBA1, etc): All-NBA/WNBA First, Second or Third team

DEF1, DEF2: NBA/WNBA All-Defense First or Second team

MVP-1: MVP voting rank (1 means the player was the MVP, 2 means they were runner-up, 3 means third place, etc)

DPOY-1: Defensive Player of the Year voting rank

ROY-1: Rookie of the Year voting rank

MIP-1: Most Improved Player voting rank

CPOY-1: Clutch Player of the Year voting rank

6MOY-1 Sixth Man of the Year voting rank

LeBron James's and Breanna Stewart's pages are great places to see a sampling of this information.

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