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Check Out an Amazing New Feature in Stathead

Posted by Jonah Gardner on February 13, 2024

We've added a very cool new features to Stathead that we're excited to share with you. On all Game, Streak, and Span Finders for all five Stathead sports, there's a new way to search timeframes.

Replacing the old Seasons filter, you'll now see a new widget titled Timeframe. You can still run the search by season like before, but there are also two brand new options:

  1. Last N Days will let you search for stats from the last number of days that you pick. Any option from the last 10 days to the last 50 to the last 365 to even more is available for you to search
  2. Custom Timeframe gives you even more flexibility, allowing you to set a custom start and end date. You can pick any date that you find interesting

This widget is now in three kinds of Stathead tools:

  1. Game Finders, which give you the ability to search through stats from a single game or combined games
  2. Streak Finders, which let you search for statistical streaks
  3. Span Finders, which give you the ability to search for combined stats from a span of games.

There are an incredible amount of questions that you can now explore with this new widget. Just some examples include

Which football players have scored the most goals in the last 30 days in all men's competitions?

Who had the best ERA from 8/15/2023 to 9/14/2023?

What NBA player had the longest streak of 30 point games in the last 45 days?

What NHL player had the longest streak of games with a point in the last 365 days?

What NFL player had the most fantasy points from Thanksgiving to Christmas this year?

If you haven't had a chance to try Stathead, now is the time! Your first month is on us

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