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Versus Finder Launches on Stathead Football

Posted by Adam Darowski on June 5, 2023

In April, we launched the brand new Hockey Versus Finder. May brought us the new Basketball Versus Finder. Now that it’s June, we have yet another big launch. The Versus Finder is here for Football.

The Versus Finder is your one-stop shop for any comparisons or matchups. Want to compare a current player to an all-timer? Check out the Versus Finder. Want to see how two quarterbacks perform in their games against each other? Once again, the Versus Finder. Want to see how a star player performs against his upcoming opponent? You want to fire up the Versus Finder. Want to see the history of matchups between two teams? Find it in the Versus Finder. Want to compare historical dynasties to see how their stats were similar? You’ve got it—the Versus Finder. 

The Versus Finder is a “next generation” version of our popular Player Comparison Finder. We’ve listened to user feedback and built what we hope is the tool of your dreams. What’s different? A whole lot is:

- A visual summary: The Versus Finder has a lot of information available. But if you only want a quick visual summary, we have you covered. In the graphic above, you’ll see overall players stats, head-to-head records (in the regular season and playoffs), and more.

- Awards: Yes, the visual summary includes more than stats. Compare the number of championships and Pro Bowl appearances as well as other honors such as MVP and AP Defensive Player of the Year. This is particularly handy when searching for two players from positions with limited stats.

- More stats: In addition to all the stats you expect from Stathead, we’ve added Advanced Stats for modern players (since 2018). For example, when you search for Patrick Mahomes vs. Jalen Hurts you’ll see standard Passing and Rushing stats, but also tables for Air Yards, Accuracy, Pressure, Play Types, Advanced Rushing, and even Snap Counts.

- Game Logs: In addition to seeing players’ records each other, we’ll show their game logs right in the Versus Finder.

- Team vs. Team: A popular request, you can now compare the stats for teams as well as see their head to head records and game logs.

- Team vs. Player: Sometimes a player can absolutely dominate an opponent. The new Player vs. Team view can show you year-by-year stats and game logs. You can also use this to see your QB’s history against his upcoming opponent

What do you think? We'd love to hear from you! If you've used the Versus Finder, we'd really appreciate it if you took a few minutes to fill out this survey so we can make sure it's meeting your needs.

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