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Ejection Totals and In-Game Tendencies Added to Manager Pages

24th October 2018

For manager pages on Baseball-Reference, we have added a column for ejections to their primary Managerial Stats table. Bobby Cox's career 162 ejections make for a nice finishing piece on his collection of accolades. We have ejections data for managers all the way back to the 1889 season, so even classics like John McGraw are fully accounted for. We'll also take the opportunity to mention that if you want to dig into what the cause for these ejections were, Retrosheet's Managers section will have that for you.

We have also added a new Managerial Tendencies table to managers' pages, showing how often their teams employed certain strategies and how their rate compared to the league they were managing in. We show a manager's tendencies in stolen base attempts at 2nd and 3rd, as well as how often their teams attempted sacrifice bunts, issued intentional walks, or made player substitutions.

Using one recent example, in Dusty Baker's final year with the Washington Nationals, his players attempted to steal 3rd base on 2.9% of the chances they had. Using 100 as the league average, Baker in 2017 had a league-adjusted rate of 180, meaning that Baker's team was attempting this almost twice as much as the average NL squad that season.

We have intentional walk tendencies back to 1955, while the other managerial tendencies are available since 1925. If you have any questions about this new feature or any other section of Baseball-Reference, feel free to contact us through our feedback form.

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Kenny Jackelen Joins Sports Reference

11th October 2018

Kenny Jackelen has joined Sports Reference as a web developer. Kenny will be working on our baseball site and elsewhere. He brings a long history of software development to Sports Reference. He previously worked as a software developer at Epic, and lives with his family in Minnesota where he cheers on the Twins and will be leading the Joe Mauer for Hall of Fame election bandwagon. He's on twitter at @kennyjackelen.

This brings us to eleven full-time employees. We don't have any open positions at this moment, but any future opportunities will be advertised both here and on social media accounts.

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Postseason WPA Added to Baseball-Reference

1st October 2018

On Baseball-Reference, we include a statistic called WPA (Win Probability Added) in our boxscores. The basic definition of this statistic is the "sum of the differences in win expectancies for each play the player is credited with". You can find a deeper explanation on our Win Expectancy glossary page.

Given we're entering the 2018 postseason, we've decided to add postseason WPA calculations to player pages, postseason series summaries and postseason leaderboards. For an individual player, you will find this in the final column of the player's Postseason Batting and/or Postseason Pitching table. For example, here's a link to Mariano Rivera's table, breaking down his career 11.69 WPA in the postseason. If you go to our MLB Playoffs section, all series summaries will now include WPA in the series stats tables.

Our playoffs section also has career and single-season leaderboards which now have sections for WPA. The aforementioned Mariano Rivera leads all pitchers in career postseason WPA, while David Ortiz occupies the top of the career leaderboard for batting WPA in the postseason.

As a reminder, you can also find more detailed regular season win expectancy and win probability stats for players in their Advanced Stats pages, accessible from the Finders & Advanced Stats tab on player pages. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us through our feedback form.

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Baseball Records Through A Calendar Day

12th September 2018

This season, the Boston Red Sox have been on quite a tear, with a .683 winning percentage after their September 11th win over Toronto. Now you can compare them with other teams through September 11 using our new Records Through Calendar Day tool in the Play Index. Since 1969 (the beginning of the Divisional Era), the 2018 Red Sox have the fifth-best winning percentage of any team through September 11. Here's a look at the top 10:

Best Win-Loss Percentage Through September 11 Table
Year Tm Lg Standings W L W-L% GB Final W-L Rank Postseason
2001 SEA AL On This Day 104 40 .722 - 116-46 1 Division Champ
1998 NYY AL On This Day 103 42 .710 - 114-48 1 WS Champ
1995 CLE AL On This Day 88 38 .698 - 100-44 1 AL Pennant
1969 BAL AL On This Day 99 45 .688 - 109-53 1 AL Pennant
2018 BOS AL On This Day 99 46 .683 - 99-46 1
1986 NYM NL On This Day 93 46 .669 - 108-54 1 WS Champ
1979 BAL AL On This Day 94 48 .662 - 102-57 1 AL Pennant
2004 STL NL On This Day 93 48 .660 - 105-57 1 NL Pennant
1975 CIN NL On This Day 96 50 .658 - 108-54 1 WS Champ
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Generated 9/12/2018.

Another storyline earlier in the season was how impressive the Angels' 12 wins and the Mets' 11 wins through April 13 were. Of course, since then those two teams have fallen out of the playoff race, but searching for the other teams in recent memory that have racked up wins early in the calendar show that April success is very hit or miss in informing rest-of-season performance. Here's a look at teams in past seasons with double-digit wins through April 13:

Most Wins Through April 13 Table
Year Tm Lg Standings W L W-L% GB Final W-L Rank Postseason
2003 SFG NL On This Day 11 1 .917 - 100-61 1 Division Champ
2002 CLE AL On This Day 11 1 .917 - 74-88 3
1998 SDP NL On This Day 11 2 .846 - 98-64 1 NL Pennant
2014 MIL NL On This Day 10 2 .833 - 82-80 3
2013 ATL NL On This Day 10 1 .909 - 96-66 1 Division Champ
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Generated 9/12/2018.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us through our feedback form.

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Dan Hirsch Joins Sports Reference

4th September 2018

Dan Hirsch joins Sports Reference today as a web developer. If you are a baseball fan, you likely know Dan's name from his work as the creator of The Baseball Gauge. At the Baseball Gauge, he's done a great deal to promote Negro League History, the History of Ballparks, and also the comparison of various sabermetric uber-stats. We are excited to have him on board. Dan lives in Omaha with his family and follows the Tampa Bay Rays and Florida Gators. He's on Twitter at @DanHirsch.

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Daily Batter vs. Pitcher Matchups to Watch: Now on Baseball-Reference

29th August 2018

Baseball-Reference is happy to introduce a new Today's Batter vs. Pitcher Matchups page, which will display the top hitting matchups to look out for with the day's projected starting pitchers. You can find this right now by looking at the bottom of the Previews section on Baseball-Reference's front page.

Our default sorting uses an internal weighting so that favorable hitting matchups with a larger sample size rise to the top, such as today's top matchup of Victor Martinez with a .400/.460/.644 line against Danny Duffy over 50 plate appearances, or a dominant .438/.550/1.063 line by Matt Carpenter versus Trevor Williams in just 20 plate appearances. However, if you're interested in raw numbers, like most home runs or lowest OPS and the like, all of the columns are sortable. We also have links to each matchup's individual plate appearances if you want to dive into more specifics, perhaps taking a look at just the most recent games a pitcher and batter have faced off.

This feature was added thanks to a suggestion made during the making of our Stathead newsletter, which is in its first week of release. You can subscribe to our newsletter here. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us through our feedback form.

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Adding WAR to Baseball-Reference’s Birthdays Page

24th August 2018

Baseball-Reference keeps track of the birthdays of every active MLB player as well as the majority of historical ballplayers on our site. You can access today's birthdays by clicking on the Happy Birthday/Born On This Day link on Baseball-Reference's front page. You could already sort birthdays by birth year, years played in MLB, All-Star Game selections and other basic statistics. But now, we've added our Wins Above Replacement metric as an additional stat to sort by.

Since today's August 24th, let's give a spotlight to the top 10 players born on this day, ranked by WAR:

Players Born On August 24 Table
Rk Name Born Yrs From To WAR
1 Cal Ripken Jr. HOF 1960 21 1981 2001 95.9 BAL
2 Harry Hooper HOF 1887 17 1909 1925 53.5 BOS,CHW
3 Tim Salmon 1968 14 1992 2006 40.6 ANA
4 Brett Gardner 1983 11 2008 2018 37.6 NYY
5 Hank Gowdy 1889 17 1910 1930 18.2 SFG,ATL
6 Tony Bernazard 1956 10 1979 1991 13.1 WSN,CHW,SEA,CLE,OAK,DET
7 Hal Woodeshick 1932 11 1956 1967 9.6 DET,CLE,MIN,TEX,HOU,STL
8 Jimmy Walsh 1887 6 1912 1917 5.8 OAK,NYY,BOS
9 Enrique Hernandez 1991 5 2014 2018 5.5 HOU,FLA,LAD
10 Luis Sanchez 1953 5 1981 1985 3.9 ANA
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Generated 8/24/2018.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us through our feedback form.

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Web Developer Job at Sports Reference |

5th June 2018

We are Hiring! Please see our job ad. Web Developer Job at Sports Reference |

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2018 MLB Draft Tools

1st June 2018

The 2018 MLB Draft will take place on June 4-6, where teams will spend the weekend selecting players who may end up being their franchise's future. Here are some tools you can use to prepare yourself for the event: Draft section - Search through every pick in the history of the draft, with multiple ways to slice & dice.
2018 MLB Draft Preview - Draft order for the first 3 rounds & best players selected in those slots over the years.

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Postponement and Cancellation Info Added To Baseball Team Schedules

24th April 2018

Thanks to the efforts of David Vincent (R.I.P.), Baseball Reference has added originally scheduled dates of games that were made up later in the season or unplayed due to other circumstances. We have now incorporated that information into our team schedules from 1877 up to 2016, with the 2017 and 2018 seasons coming later on.

This information, which is part of the Retrosheet database, also includes the reason for the postponement or cancellation of the game. So now it's easier to know the 2007 Indians played their first "home" series in Milwaukee due to snow in Cleveland. In addition to weather-related postponements, we also mark games that were pushed due to more tragic events, such as the 1968 Pirates and several other teams that season delaying their openers due to the funeral for Martin Luther King Jr.

As a final note, a reminder that the reason there was a second game that had to be forefited on Disco Demolition Night was because of a rainout for a game previously scheduled on May 2, 1979.

For more information on the source and other contributors to this project, please refer to Retrosheet.

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