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Our Core Purpose

We will be the trusted source of information and tools that inspire and empower our users to enjoy, understand, and share the sports they love.

Our Values

We strive to work with respect, reliability with oomph, and craftsmanship, and also to promote the democratization of sports data.

Our History

The Sports Reference sites first launched with Baseball-Reference.com in April 2000 by Sean Forman, Pro-Football-Reference.com in December of 2000 by Doug Drinen, and Basketball-Reference.com in April of 2004 by Justin Kubatko.

Sean Forman formed Sports Reference, Inc. in October of 2004, and in December of 2007 the three groups joined forces with Jay Virshbo to create Sports Reference LLC (based in Pennsylvania). We currently have 27 full-time employees.

Our Team

Sean Forman, president, worked for six years as a math and computer science professor at Saint Joseph's University before leaving to work on Sports Reference full-time in May of 2006. He has a PhD. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Iowa and currently resides in Philadelphia. Follow him at @sean_forman.

Mike Kania, football operations, hails from Cleveland and is as sanguine about their chances of winning a title as you might expect. He worked at AOL and TypePad prior to joining Sports Reference in the spring of 2011. He covers our college and pro football sites and plays a mean saxophone in his spare time. Follow him at @mkania28.

Mike Lynch, Data Director, is a graduate of Boston University. A Philly native, he joined Sports Reference after stints at ESPN Research, the Big Ten Network and Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic. He'll be happy to talk with you about Lionel Simmons all day long. Follow him at @sportinfo247.

Adam Wodon, hockey & special operations, a Long Island native, lives outside Philadelphia. He follows the Jets, Nets, Mets & Isles. Adam also founded the College Hockey News. Follow him at @chn_AdamWodon.

Jonah Gardner, Social Media Coordinator, maintains our Facebook and Twitter presence and writes the majority of our blog posts. Jonah cheers on the Panthers, Braves and Hornets. Jonah lives in Philadelphia and can clue you into the best indie bands coming here to perform.

Jaclyn Mahoney, Director of Operations and Strategic Planning, is a Saint Joseph's University and College of William and Mary alumna. She joined Sports Reference in early 2018 after stints at Syracuse University and the Library of Congress. As a South Jersey native who calls Baltimore home, she's grateful she won't have to choose between the Phillies and the Orioles in the World Series any time soon. She's on Twitter at @jaynotjackie.

Jay Hutchinson, Data Developer, joined Sports Reference in early 2018 from Salt Lake City, Utah and currently lives in New Jersey. They have been a soccer referee since 2010 and take particular interest in the rules and officiating behind all sports. They don't cheer for any particular teams, but they do take pleasure in seeing sport played with skill, integrity, and mutual respect. They are an avid traveller and have visited over 57% of U.S. counties. They're on Twitter at @rjhutc.

Alex Bonilla, Project Manager, arrives at Sports Reference from Connecticut. He joined Sports Reference in March of 2018. He follows football closely and has an affinity for unique players like Gardner Minshew and Rodrigo Blankenship. He's on Twitter at @AlexBonilla_Spt (for sports opinions) and @AlexBonilla_OVA (for animation opinions/personal updates).

Dan Hirsch, Web Developer, joined Sports Reference in September of 2018. Dan founded The Baseball Gauge and has done a great deal to promote Ballpark and Negro League records. He previously worked as a fire fighter and lives with his family in Omaha, Nebraska where he cheers for the Rays and Gators. He's on Twitter at @DanHirsch.

Kenny Jackelen, Web Developer, joined Sports Reference in October of 2018. Kenny will be working on our baseball site and elsewhere and brings a long history of software development to Sports Reference. He previously worked as a software developer at Epic, and lives with his family in Minnesota where he cheers on the Twins and will be leading the Joe Mauer for Hall of Fame election bandwagon. He's on Twitter at @kennyjackelen.

Charlotte Eisenberg, Data Developer, is a Maine native. She joined Sports Reference in late 2020 on a full-time basis after previously working at SR as a summer intern and also spending a season with the Texas Rangers.

Adam Darowski, Product Director, joined Sports Reference in late 2020 on a full-time basis after a long stint as a design consultant where he worked on our responsive site redesign and Stathead launch. He is a SABR member and created the Hall of Stats in 2012. He's a fan of Borussia Dortmund and baseball history. You can find him on Twitter at @baseballtwit.

Nick Pazoles, Lead DevOps Engineer, joined Sports Reference in late 2020 after working in DevOps/Site Reliability at Cleo. He's a fan of the White Sox and Michigan football. You can find him on Twitter at @nickpazo

Katie Sharp, Stathead Customer Success & Social Media, joined Sports Reference at the start of 2021. She's previously worked as a researcher with ESPN's Stats and Info Group and as a writer, researcher and editor for dozens of books and articles. She's a Yankees, New York Football Giants, & UConn Huskies basketball fan. She's on Twitter at @ktsharp.

Andrew Chong, QA/Testing Engineer, joined Sports Reference in the middle of 2021. Andrew previously worked at Chatham Financial as a Software Tester. He follows the Phillies, DePaul basketball, and Korean players across any sport. He's on Twitter at @testthesoftware.

Maggie Walsh Deaver, Marketing Director, joined Sports Reference in the middle of 2021. Maggie previously worked at Volo Sports as Director of National Brand and Marketing. She's a fan of Boston sports and Bill Belichick's hoodies. Follow her on Twitter at @maggiewdeaver.

Ryan Passmore, VP of Engineering, joined Sports Reference in the middle of 2021. Ryan was previously the Sr. Director of Product Development at Cleo. A Chicago-area native Ryan cheers for the Cubs, Bulls and Bears.

Zoe Surma, Web Developer, joined Sports Reference in the middle of 2021. Zoe is a recent graduate of Notre Dame with a degree in computer engineering. She is a Cubs, Fighting Irish and Formula One fan. Follow her on Twitter at @ZoeSurma.

Chris Wong, Web Developer, joined Sports Reference in the middle of 2021. Chris hails from St. Louis and is a recent graduate from Brown University with multiple degrees in computer science. He is a Cardinals and Blues fan.

Nicolas Westin, DevOps Engineer, joined Sports Reference towards the end of 2021. He previously worked at Redhorse Corporation as a front-end engineer. He graduated from Northeastern University in Boston. He is a big Wizards fan, and a casual Cubs fan.

Aidan Jackson-Evans, Customer Success, joined Sports Reference at the start of 2022. Originally from the UK, Aidan now lives in New England. He enjoys baseball history and trivia, and has written biographies for the SABR BioProject. He is a fan of the San Francisco Giants and the England national football team. Follow him on Twitter at @ajacksonevans.

Adela Armstrong-Spielberg, Engineering Support Coordinator, joined Sports Reference at the start of 2022. She was born and raised in the DC area, and now lives in Los Angeles after attending UCLA. She's growing into a Dodgers and Rams fan, but she would like to reassure her friends and family back east that she will always root for the Nats and Ravens first.

Ryan Walsh, Social Media Coordinator, joined Sports Reference at the start of 2022. Hailing from the great state of New Jersey, Ryan previously managed social media for Temple University and the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, among others. He remains an ardent defender of the 76ers Process, and is also a fan of NASCAR and the WNBA. You can find him on Twitter at @RyanLWalsh.

Sara Halloran, Test Engineer, joined Sports Reference at the start of 2022. She attended Northwestern University and previously worked as a data scientist for the Milwaukee Brewers, during which time she became a casual Bucks and Brewers fan. Now Philadelphia-based, she is originally from New Jersey and also supports the Mets and NY/NJ Gotham FC, as well as Tottenham Hotspur and the United States women’s national soccer team.

Connor Zielinski, Social Media Coordinator, joined Sports Reference at the start of 2022. Growing up never more than 10 miles away from a Wawa, Connor grew up on the baseball fields with Taney Little League and Philly sports fandom. Connor previously worked for the Tampa Bay Lightning and Red Bull while down in Tampa for school. Catch up with him on Twitter: CTZee_.

Sam Nipatnantaporn, Digital Marketing Manager, joined Sports Reference at the start of 2022. She previously worked as a marketing manager at the Boston Red Sox and Worcester Red Sox. Originally from Nantucket Island, she now resides in Cambridge, MA and is a fan of all things Boston sports and mascots. Follow her on Instagram at @wsamnipat.

Rajeev Lekhwar, SEO Specialist, joined Sports Reference at the start of 2022. Having worked for almost 2.5 years in the SEO Industry with brands like VWO, he moved to Sports Reference with a goal of keeping the upward trend moving. He is an avid cricket fan. You can find him on Twitter at @panditrajeev22.

Jay Virshbo, business development, served as the president of Howe Sports Data, and has held other positions within the sports business world. He is a Chicago native and currently resides just outside of Boston. Follow him at @jvirshbo.

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