About Sports Reference

Our Primary Aim

Our Primary Aim is to answer our users' questions with the easiest-to-use, fastest, and most complete sports statistics anywhere. If we have some fun in the process, that's good too.

Our History

The Sports Reference sites first launched with Baseball-Reference.com in April 2000 by Sean Forman, Pro-Football-Reference.com in December of 2000 by Doug Drinen, and Basketball-Reference.com in April of 2004 by Justin Kubatko.

Sean Forman formed Sports Reference, Inc. in October of 2004, and in December of 2007 the three groups joined forces with Jay Virshbo to create Sports Reference LLC (based in Pennsylvania). We currently have seven full-time employees.

Our team

Sean Forman, president, worked for six years as a math and computer science professor at Saint Joseph's University before leaving to work on Sports Reference full-time in May of 2006. He has a PhD. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Iowa and currently resides in Philadelphia. Follow him at @sean_forman.

Mike Kania, football operations, hails from Cleveland and is as sanguine about their chances of winning a title as you might expect. He worked at AOL and TypePad prior to joining Sports Reference in the spring of 2011. He covers our college and pro football sites and plays a mean saxophone in his spare time. Follow him at @zempf.

David Corby, basketball operations, considers New York his homeland and is even a Yankee fan. A graduate of UVA, he worked for JetBlue prior to joining Sports Reference in the fall of 2013. He covers our college and pro basketball sites and is our lone twitter holdout, though we'll wear him down eventually.

Hans Van Slooten, baseball operations, lives in St. Paul, Minnesota and we know him mostly as a talking head on our google hangouts. He follows orthodox Minnesota sports allegiances and has been known to bring up rugby as a discussion topic. Follow him at @cantpitch.

Mike Lynch, user affairs coordinator, works out of Baltimore and is a graduate of Boston University. A Philly native, he joined Sports Reference after stints at ESPN Research, the Big Ten Network and Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic. He'll be happy to talk with you about Lionel Simmons all day long. Follow him at @sportinfo247.

Adam Wodon, hockey & special operations, a Long Island native, lives outside Philadelphia. He follows the Jets, Nets, Mets & Isles. Adam also founded the College Hockey News. Follow him at @chn_AdamWodon.

Jonah Gardner, Social Media Coordinator, maintains our facebook and twitter presence and writes the majority of our blog posts. Jonah cheers on the Panthers, Braves and Hornets. Jonah lives in Philadelphia and can clue you into the best indie bands coming here to perform. @jonahgardner.

Jay Virshbo , business development, served as the president of Howe Sports Data, and has held other positions within the sports business world. He currently resides just outside of Boston. Follow him at @jvirshbo.

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