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Player Span Finder Added to Stathead Basketball

17th February 2021

We've been listening to requests for new features from our users and we're happy to announce that we have launched a new tool for Stathead Basketball subscribers: The Player Span Finder.

The Player Span Finder is a powerful research tool that allows you to search and compare player stats based on spans of seasons, games, and days. You can further refine the search to specify the starting or ending point of the span (season, career, or stint with franchise). Finally, with this new tool you can win every debate about the fastest/slowest players to a milestone stat, based on the number of games or age.

Here's a few examples of each type of search to get you started (please note that some searches may take up to 30 seconds):

Most Assists in a Two-Season Span
Most 3-pt Field Goals Made in a 10-Game Span
Most Points in a 30-Day Span
Youngest to 1,000 Rebounds among Active Players

We hope you enjoy this addition to Stathead. If you're interested in a subscription to the service, you can sign up for a free trial here!

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Getting the Most out of Stathead’s Player Season & Career Finders

19th June 2020

The Player Season/Career Finders are a great starting place for a first-time Baseball Stathead user. Learning to use these tools will also provide invaluable indoctrination, as the search fundamentals you will utilize are applicable to our other tools, which drill down a little deeper, as well. The basic gist of these tools is that they’re the place to go when you’re looking to place a player’s season or career stats in perspective.

Here are some sample searches you can run using these tools. If you click "See how this search was built" after following the link, you can see how the search form was manipulated in order to achieve the desired results:

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Stathead Tutorials #1 – Season Finder

1st May 2020

This week, we launched Stathead, a powerful suite of tools that allow you to use our websites's massive database of statistics to research and answer questions. With a Stathead subscription, you can run customized searches through 100+ years of career statistics, season statistics, game statistics, splits and play-by-play.

You can try Stathead for free for a month, and we want to make sure that you get the most out of both your trial and your subscription. So we're launching a video series that will explain what each research tool is and how you can get the most out of it! Welcome to Stathead Tutorials!


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Row Isolation Added to Sports-Reference Sites

16th October 2019

Sports-Reference has added a feature to tables that will make it a lot easier to compare teams and players in an easily scannable fashion. Now, when you select a row on a table, a popup will appear with a button: "Show Only Selected Rows". Highlight the rows you want to isolate, and once you're ready, click the button. The site will then fade out the unselected rows so the only rows displayed are the ones you highlighted. If you want to return to viewing the full table, just click on the "Show All Rows" button.

This feature applies to any tables that don't have row summing capabilities. This will work on both desktop and mobile. You can see a video of the feature in action at Baseball-Reference's Twitter account. You can contact us through our feedback form if you have any questions or suggestions.

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Basketball-Reference Adds Quarterly/Half Boxes

1st October 2019

To complement our box scores, Basketball Reference has added a feature that allows you to see the stats in a particular quarter or half for all boxes back to the 1996-97 season. Examples of famous quarters and halves that you can now more easily see context for include:

* Klay Thompson's 37-point 3rd quarter against the Kings on January 23, 2015.
* That time the Mavericks only managed to score 2 points in the 3rd quarter of their April 6, 1997 meeting with the Lakers.
* Dikembe Mutombo racking up 8 blocks in the 3rd quarter against the Bulls on December 1, 2001.
* Chandler Parsons going 10-11 from the 3-point line in the 2nd half on January 24, 2014.
* Clyde Drexler getting 8 steals in the 2nd half against the Kings on November 1, 1996.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us through our feedback form.

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Add Your Blog Posts to FBref Player Pages

27th November 2018

All of our player pages on Sports-Reference have a newsfeed section where you can check up on player news and relevant blog posts that discuss the player. If you want your site to appear in those newsfeeds, you can follow the Add Your Blog Posts Here link next to every Player News section or click here to find instructions for the site you're interested in linking to.

We have now added this capability for FBref player pages as well, so if you're interested in appearing on FBref newsfeeds, you can read how to add the FBref Linker bookmarklet here. Once you've begun using the linker on your blog posts, contact us through our feedback form with the name of your site (at most 25 characters), the URL for your RSS feed (which must be a full text feed), a contact e-mail address and the URL of a page that uses the FBref linker.

We're happy for people to use FBref like their site's statistics partner, so if you help your readers find our content, we're glad to help our users find yours. If you have any other questions, you can also use the feedback form to get more information.

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Hockey-Reference and Pro-Football-Reference Add Team Gamelogs

9th July 2018

On Baseball-Reference and Basketball-Reference, we've offered an option to see game logs on a team basis. If you wanted to take a look at the averages of the Miami Heat's 27-game winning streak in 2013, or how the Cardinals did in 2016 when they hit multiple home runs in 9 consecutive games, summable game logs allow you to check the averages during your specified span (done by clicking on two rows to highlight the group of games you're interested in).

Now, we've gone ahead and made that an option for Hockey-Reference and Pro-Football-Reference as well. Want to add up the goal differential during the Columbus Blue Jackets' 16-game winning streak in December 2016? Or maybe take a look at how many yards the Browns gave up in just the second half of 2017? That can now be done with the addition of summable game logs to team pages. Similarly to team game logs on Baseball-Reference and Basketball-Reference, just click on two rows and the site will sum and average the rows highlighted in that range.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us through our feedback form.

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A New Chapter at Sports Reference

1st April 2018

I've been at this for 18 years now. launched in early April of 2000, and 18 years is a long time. We've gone from pre-formatted plain text tables to html tables, through various logos, and several redesigns involving mobile designs. Along the way, the only consideration has been what would work best for the user. That's why, after months of extensive research, I'm very pleased to announce:
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How to Get More Manageable URLs in the Play Index

24th July 2017

Heavy Play Index users, especially those who try to share their findings, may have noticed that the URLs for Play Index queries tend to be very long and unwieldy. Here, for example, is the URL for a simple query of most HRs in a season:

As many an infomercial host has suggested, there simply has to be a better way. Fortunately, there is! Every Play Index tool has a button in the top right that says "Make Tiny URL" Read the rest of this entry

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Random Page Search Added to Sports Reference Sites

9th May 2017

We have rolled out an update to our search function on Baseball Reference, Basketball Reference, Pro Football Reference and Hockey Reference. If you type "random" or "zz" into our search forms on those sites, you will be taken to a random page. We have also added a random page tool to the frivolities menus on those four sites (Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey).

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