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Getting the Most out of Stathead’s Player Season & Career Finders

Posted by Mike Lynch on June 19, 2020

The Player Season/Career Finders are a great starting place for a first-time Baseball Stathead user. Learning to use these tools will also provide invaluable indoctrination, as the search fundamentals you will utilize are applicable to our other tools, which drill down a little deeper, as well. The basic gist of these tools is that they’re the place to go when you’re looking to place a player’s season or career stats in perspective.

Here are some sample searches you can run using these tools. If you click "See how this search was built" after following the link, you can see how the search form was manipulated in order to achieve the desired results:


Most Career Home Runs

Most Single-Season Home Runs

Most Stolen Bases in Rookie Season

Most Home Runs in first 5 seasons combined

Most Seasons with 50+ Stolen Bases

Most position player WAR in a season by a teenager

Most 20-HR players on a single team in a season

Most players in a franchise’s history with 100+ Home Runs

Most 40-HR players in a single season in all of MLB

Least WAR by a player with 50+ Home Runs

Players with more Home Runs than Strikeouts in a season



Most career Strikeouts

Most single-season Strikeouts

Most Wins in rookie season in Expansion Era

Most Strikeouts in first 7 seasons combined

Most Strikeouts in a season by players with over 10x as many Strikeouts as Walks

Most pitcher WAR in all seasons through Age-25 season in Divisional Era

Most seasons with 5+ Shutouts

Most 20-win pitchers on a single team

Franchises with most 100-win pitchers

Seasons with most pitchers with 200+ Strikeouts in MLB

These searches are just to give you an idea of the kinds of searches possible with these tools. There’s practically no limit to the variety of searches you can perform with this tool. If you have any questions about how to use this or requests for search criteria or tools you’d like to see added, please let us know

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