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Triple-Doubles Added to Leaderboards & Player Pages

Posted by Mike Lynch on June 25, 2020

Basketball-Reference has added Triple-Doubles to its leaderboards and player pages. This includes leaderboards for both regular season and postseason, and also franchise leaderboards.

Regular-Season Leaders:

Postseason Leaders:

Additionally, Triple-Doubles have been integrated into our Franchise Leaderboards.

On player pages, Triple-Doubles can be found in the 'totals' table with a number for each player season and a career total at the bottom.

While we are confident that we have accounted for every known triple-double in NBA history, it should be cautioned that NBA teams didn't 'officially' track Triple-Doubles until Magic Johnson popularized the pursuit in 1979-80. Nearly 99% of these Triple-Doubles are accounted for in our box scores, but we're missing exact details on some from 17 players, all before 1975. We're still able to present career totals (and in most cases season-by-season totals) for those players, though.

2 Responses to “Triple-Doubles Added to Leaderboards & Player Pages”

  1. Mario Says:

    Great news! Why you don't add also the double doubles? You already have those stats.

  2. Mike Lynch Says:


    We'd have to do some more work to be certain we'd have a full accounting of double-doubles, but could be possible if we're able to continue expanding our coverage of old box scores (which is something we're doing constantly)