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Flags for Country of Birth –

27th November 2013

Just a small add to the player pages, but we now show a flag on the player pages representing the country of birth for the players.

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2014 Official Hall of Fame Ballot w/ Stats & JAWS measures

26th November 2013

2014 Official Hall of Fame Ballot w/ Stats & JAWS Measures.

Just a one-stop area for your HOF ballot needs. Thanks to Jay Jaffe of for the use of his JAWS numbers on our site.

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Stat Leaders Rewind

26th November 2013

Rolled out a quick update - now every single season leader page has a box on the right, with which you can select a year & rewind back to see what the single season leaders were for that stat at that time. For instance, Drew Brees currently holds the single season pass completion record with 468, but if we go back 25 years to 1988 you can see that at that time, Dan Marino held the record of 378 (a mark that is currently the 26th best, highlighting just how much passing has blown up recently).

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New College Basketball Features: Season-by-Season Coach Pages & 2-Point Shooting Stats

25th November 2013

For the 2013-14 College Basketball season, we've added a few new features:

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Announcing Favorites

19th November 2013

With today's updates, we've pushed out a new addition to the site -- Favorites. If you are logged in, you'll now see a Favorites button in the top right corner of most pages. If you have favorite pages, mousing over this button will show you recent statistics or bookmarks to favorite pages and Play Index searches. To add a page to your favorites, simply click the + symbol on that button (and to remove a favorite, click the -). Active players will show fantasy points for the current week, active teams will show you their most recent game and their record so you can get access to your favorites' stats instantly. Click on the Favorites button to get a more detailed view of player stats and recent news items about your favorites players.

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Sports Reference Welcomes David Corby and Hans Van Slooten to Our Staff

7th November 2013

Sports Reference has hired two new web developers/engineers/programmers to their burgeoning staff of now five.

David Corby joined us the last week of October and thus far has been shepherding the NBA and College Basketball sites. (Yes, we did give him a lot of time to get settled.) He is a UVA grad who worked in commercial operations at JetBlue. He's a largely self-taught developer with a wide range of development work. David once played against David Wright in a HS baseball game, and he went 4-4 with 4 doubles (Wright did, that is). He is largely a New York fan -- especially a Yankees fan, which proves we stand by our company policy that we don't discriminate on the basis of sports franchise affinity.

Hans Van Slooten (@cantpitch) will be joining us in December, working out of our newly-established Minneapolis branch, coincidentally located in Hans' home (note we do not offer company tours at this branch). Hans will be working on the hockey site and number of new projects/items from our wish list that we previously haven't had the bandwidth to work on. He joins us from OLSON (where he was a technical director) and, previous to that, comScore. He's a Twins and Vikings fan and will also help me source locally produced lefse and lutefisk for the Sports-Reference Christmas party.

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Win Probability Calculator

6th November 2013

By now you've likely seen our win probability tweets or the graphs on box score pages. Today I've pushed out a win probability calculator into which you can put any game situation & get a corresponding win probability. For instance, say it's the 4th quarter and you're trailing by 2 with the ball on your own 20 at 2nd & 10 and 29 seconds remaining, the calculator says you have a 3.8% probability of winning (don't tell the Jets that, though).

Looking at this weekend's Bears-Packers game, we can figure out the risk the Bears took in going for it on 4th and 1 on their own 32 in the 4th quarter. If they fail and the Packers take over at that spot, Green Bay will have a 55.9% win probability (ignoring that our model knows nothing about Aaron Rodgers' injury, of course). However, by succeeding Chicago raised their own win probability to 80.6%.

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