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Stathead Pennant

Are you a Stathead? Then you've come to the right place. Stathead subscribers gain access to a suite of tools used by the pros. Search the best (or the worst) seasons, games, splits and more by players and teams throughout history. Any time you see an incredible stat mentioned on a broadcast, in an article or in social media, there's an excellent chance it came from Stathead. Every subscription also comes with ad-free browsing on our site for that sport so you get the smoothest browsing experience. Stathead Baseball, Stathead Football, Stathead Hockey and Stathead Basketball are live now, with more sports rolling out on a continual basis. You can also sign up for our free newsletters to stay up on the latest scores, stats and news in your favorite sports.

Baseball-Reference Pennant

Baseball statistics from 1871 to the present for major league players, teams, and leagues. Complete postseason and managerial data is included as well. Minor league stats back to 1877, and box scores, gamelogs and splits back to 1904. Updated daily.

Basketball-Reference Pennant

Professional basketball statistics for every season from Abdul-Jabbar to Zaslofsky. Find statistics for your favorite player, team, or league. The site also includes sections for coaches, awards, leaders, and the playoffs. Also has sections on G-League, WNBA, international leagues and Olympics. Updated daily.

Pro-Football-Reference Pennant

Football statistics and game results for all of NFL, AFL, AAFC & APFA history. The site includes player, Coach, and team stats, games scores for each team, Pro Bowl selections for each season, extensive leaderboards, and every draft pick ever selected. Updated the morning after every NFL game.

Hockey-Reference Pennant

Hockey statistics from the creators of Total Hockey to our website. Find statistics for your favorite player from Aalto to Zyuzin, team, or league.The site also includes sections for coaches, drafts, awards, leaders, and the playoffs. Updated daily.

Sports-Reference/CFB Pennant

College Football game results for every major school back to Princeton vs Rutgers in 1869. Player Stats for recent players schools, or conferences back to 1956. The site also includes sections for coaches, awards, leaders, and bowl games. Use the Play Index to create your own custom searches.

Sports-Reference/CBB Pennant

College Basketball Stats and Game Result. Game results for every game featuring two major schools since 1949. Player Stats from Stephen Curry to Bill Walton. Stats for schools and conferences. The site also includes sections for coaches, awards, leaders, and the postseason. Use the Play Index to create your own custom searches.

FBref Pennant

Football/Soccer statistics from all over the world. Basic statistics and information from the world of football with new countries being added regularly. Sign up to our e-mail list for updates on our progress.

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