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New Punting Stats Added to Pro Football Reference

29th November 2022

Thanks to some research from Pete Palmer and Ken Pullis, we've been able to add several new categories of punting statistics all the way back to when they were first officially tracked in 1976 to Pro Football Reference. The addition of this new data is substantial enough that we have also decided to split out a separate punting stats table from the kicking stats. This means that these statistics will now be in separate tables (rather than merged together) on player, team, league, season, etc pages. A good example of the change is Craig Hentrich, an NFL punter from 1994-2009, who also spent many seasons of his career handling kickoff duties (and occasionally kicking field goals and extra points). His statistics will not only now be more detailed, but hopefully more digestible, as well.

To complement the punt stats we've always carried (punts, punt yards, yards per punt, long punt and punts blocked), we've added return yards against, net punt yards, net yards per punt, touchbacks, touchback percentage, punts inside the 20 and percentage of punts inside the 20.

In addition to appearing on a seasonal level, these new statistics are also presented on a game-by-game level. For instance, here are Hall of Famer Ray Guy's game-by-game punting statistics in 1976.

We hope you enjoy these new additions.

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NFL Point Spread Data Added Back to 1952

18th November 2022

Thanks to our friends at SportsOddsHistory, we've added NFL point spread data that is 100% complete back to 1969 and nearly complete back to 1952*. This data includes AFL games and allows us to expand our point spread searches in the Stathead Team Game Finder all the way back to 1952.

This new data produces some of the largest point spreads we've seen in NFL games. The largest regular season point spread in our dB is now November 13, 1966 when the Baltimore Colts were favored by 28 over the Atlanta Falcons (they did not cover).

The 1960s also included a pair of 20-point dogs that won outright (Vikings over Packers in 1967 and Dolphins over Oilers in 1966).

Additionally, we have added point spread data for a smattering of games between 1941 and 1951, including every championship game (including AAFC) from 1941-51. However, these pre-1952 games are not searchable in Stathead and will just be presented in the box scores for now.

We'd also like to add that while this data expansion gives us point spreads back to 1952, our over/under data is still only complete back to 1978 (except for Super Bowls).

*The data is nearly complete (as opposed to fully complete), because we are missing lines for the following number of games: 1968 (4), 1967 (1), 1965 (2), 1964 (3), 1963 (4), 1962 (3), 1961 (2), 1960 (4), 1953 (2), 1952 (9).

Below is a list of these missing point spreads:

Read the rest of this entry

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FBref: xG Now Appears on Each Club’s Goal Logs

17th November 2022

Thanks to our new data deal with Opta, we are now able to present xG and post-shot xG on our goal log pages for clubs and countries (look for it during the world cup). This data shows you the details of each of goal including the scorer, the body part used, xG, post-shot xG, any assist and the two players with goal creating actions prior to the goal.

We have the same information for goals allowed which allows you to see that both of the goals scored against Manchester City in the Champions League group stage were headers.

See our xG explainer for the full list of 120+ league seasons we've added this info for.

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Changes to Name Presentation for Several Dozen ABA Players

15th November 2022

Just wanted to provide a quick heads up on a subtle change to Basketball-Reference. We have changed the name presentation for several dozen for ABA players to more accurately reflect what they were known as during their playing days, rather than their more formal names. Their formal full names will still appear on their pages (and turn up in search), but the main name we use for presenting the following players has been updated. These names were formerly merely listed as nicknames: Read the rest of this entry

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Shot-by-Shot xG now on Player Goal Logs

14th November 2022

Thanks to our new data deal with StatsPerform/Opta we are now able to display xG data for individual goals and assists on our player goal logs. Using this information you can now find out things like Lionel Messi had two 0.03 xG goals in the same match vs Alavés on February 13, 2021.

These goal logs are available for all competitions we cover and include xG for the full set of Opta leagues we added last month.

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New Sack Data Added for Quarterbacks

11th November 2022

Entering the 2022 NFL season, the NFL Record and Fact Book (the official record book of the National Football League) listed Ben Roethlisberger as the all-time leader in 'Most Time Sacked, Career' (as it is listed in the guide) with 554. Tom Brady was listed second with 543. Above this list is the note 'Times Sacked has been compiled since 1963."

Subsequently, Brady made a bit of news when he recently passed Big Ben to become the 'all-time' leader in Times Sacked.

Entering the season, Pro-Football-Reference would have listed the same leaderboard as the Record and Fact Book, though our statistics for this category went back to only 1969. However, thanks to the expert research of T.J. Troup, and some consultation with the great John Turney, our updated all-time 'Times Sacked' leaderboard also has a new leader. But it's not Tom Brady. It is Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton. Read the rest of this entry

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FBref: Shot-level xG now on Match Reports for 20+ competitions

8th November 2022

As part of our conversion to Opta, we are now able present shot-level xG within our match reports. All current and historical matches from our competitions with advanced data (xG Explained on FBref) will now have shot-level xG and post-shot xG presented within the shot summary.

For instance, here are all of the shots from the November 7th, Real Madrid-Rayo Vallecano match.

Full Match Report

We will continue to expand our use of xG on the site as we continue our partnership with StatsPerform Opta.

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