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Team Batting and Pitching Span Finders Added to Stathead Baseball

Posted by Katie Sharp on July 1, 2021

The wait is over!

We've been listening to requests for new features from our users and we're happy to announce that we have launched two new tools for Stathead Baseball: The Team Pitching and Batting Span Finders.

The Team Span Finder is a powerful research tool that allows you to search and compare team stats based on spans of games. You can further refine the search and specify the span to be either from the start or end of a season.

Here's a few examples of each type of search to get you started:

The biggest run differential in any 162-game span is +446, done by the 1901-02 Pirates and 1938-39 Yankees.

The most shutouts thrown by a team in its first 50 games of a season is 14, by the 1969 Cubs.

Did you know? Since 1901, 137 teams have lost at least 15 of their final 20 games of a season. Only one of them made the postseason: 2000 Yankees (and they won the World Series, too!).

We hope you really enjoy this addition to Stathead. If you're interested in a subscription to the service, you can sign up for a free trial here!

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