The Typical Interview Process at Sports Reference

Please note that each of our search's processes may differ slightly from what is described below. This is the standard process that we have used. We reserve the right to change our process as needs dictate.

We know that sending your resume off into the ether for review can be stressful and that the interview process can only make it worse. We want to give you insight into how we interview and what you should expect from our process. We greatly appreciate that you have taken time to prepare a resume and a cover letter and applied for a position at Sports Reference. We want you to feel respected throughout the process.

We use for our applicant tracking system. We ask you for a cover letter and resume for your application. Minimum qualifications for the positions are explicitly stated in the job description. We strive to ensure that the minimum qualifications listed are essential to performing the role so potential applicants do not self-select out of the applicant pool on the basis of not meeting arbitrary requirements.

Please read the advertisement carefully as there may be specific instructions for how to apply or what to include in your cover letter.

Once your application is received, the hiring manager will review to make sure you meet the minimum qualifications for the job (we get 100s of applicants for many positions). Then the hiring committee (usually five people) reviews the applications according to a pre-determined set of criteria.

At that point, we will typically continue to the phone interview process with 10-20 applicants. The remaining candidates will receive e-mails indicating they did not qualify for the next stage of the process. Our phone interviews are typically attended by the hiring manager and another SR staff member. We will walk through your work history and your ability to perform some of the requirements of the position. We'll be happy to answer your questions about SR as well.

Following the phone interviews, we will typically do full interviews with three to five applicants. A full interview is still remote, but done through a series of video calls. A typical interview would include meetings with:

  • Hiring Manager,
  • The rest of hiring committee (usually split into three meetings),
  • The company president.

This process usually takes between three to five hours. These conversations generally focus on the "must-reach" and "nice-to-reach" tasks and goals from the job description. We also look for evidence your work approach aligns with our company values.

As part of the interview process, we may ask you to either prepare a work product or perform a task to share during the interview. We will compensate you for time spent on a task such as this. There may also be activities introduced and performed during the interview.

We realize that life's circumstances may make applying for jobs difficult in some cases. We are willing to provide accommodations for candidates for whom the timing or structure of our interview process may be challenging. This could include early morning or evening interview times or payment to cover child care expenses, if needed. If you are applying for a role where verbal communication is not a significant requirement, we may consider an alternative form of interview as is reasonably possible and suitable. Similarly if an extended period of internet connectivity is a challenge for you, we may consider an alternate form of interview. If we invite you to interview, please let us know of any potentially necessary accommodations.

Post-interview, we will run a series of reference checks and make an offer to the candidate we find most qualified.

Should at any point in the process you have a question regarding your status, please send your questions to us by replying to any of the automated emails we've sent you. Any questions prior to applying can be sent via our Feedback Form

Thank you for taking the time to apply for a job at Sports Reference.