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Team Analytics Added to Hockey-Reference Season Pages

Posted by Alex Bonilla on February 26, 2019

Hockey-Reference has added a Team Analytics table to the 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19 season pages. This table shows Corsi on the team level in 5-on-5 situations, as well as possession quality and scoring chance data. We are also including this information on team pages so you can quickly see how the team compared to the league average in those measurements. We thank War on Ice for defining expected goals, scoring chances and high danger scoring chances, and you can read more about those definitions in our Hockey-Reference Advanced Statistic Glossary.

Looking at the 2018-19 table, we can see that the Washington Capitals are currently leading in Actual Goal Differential minus Expected Goal Differential, at +36. A positive differential would indicate a team is converting or stopping a larger amount of good chances compared to league average. Meanwhile, the Minnesota Wild find themselves at -27, currently the lowest differential. A negative differential would indicate a team is getting more good chances, but not converting or is allowing more than league norms. When looking at high-danger scoring chances, the Philadelphia Flyers and Florida Panthers have done the best at converting those into goals, while the Arizona Coyotes are the only team who has converted less than 10% of high-danger scoring chances into goals so far.

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