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Begin Your 2019 NFL Draft Prep With PFR

Posted by Alex Bonilla on February 27, 2019

The NFL Scouting Combine is ramping up, and we find ourselves 2 months away from this year's NFL Draft. You can begin familiarizing yourself with the process and history of the draft on Pro-Football-Reference.

Our 2019 Draft Preview shows you the current draft order, as well as the historical best picks in each slot and the average player value that pick has produced.

We have a 2019 Draft Prospects page that lists the draft-eligible players broken down by positions, as well as links to their college statistics if you want to dive a little deeper into their past performance.

As Combine results come in, you can compare how past Combine participants have fared in 40-yard dashes and vertical jumps, among other drills, with our NFL Combine Results Play Index tool, which can search all available measures back to the 2000 Combine. 2019 results will be searchable after the Combine is completed.

Other sections of our Play Index that you can explore include our Draft Finder, which lets you search for draft results with custom criteria such as position, round, team and more, and our Trade Finder, which lets you search for player or draft pick trades since 1994.

Our Draft Pick Trade Value Chart uses the classic Jimmy Johnson system to assign value points to each pick of the 2019 draft, a great aid if you want to project potential pick trades as we approach Draft Day.

Get yourself acquainted with NFL Draft history at Pro-Football-Reference, all the way back to the first one in 1936, and using the previously mentioned features you can get yourself prepared for the 2019 edition of one of the NFL's biggest offseason events.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us through our feedback form.

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