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Every 2,000-Point Scorer in College Basketball History

Posted by Mike Lynch on February 12, 2019

With Chris Clemons and Mike Daum on the verge of becoming the 9th and 10th 3,000-Point scorers in major men's college basketball history, we have added a master list of every 2,000-Point scorer in major men's college basketball history to the Frivolities section of our college basketball site.

The list currently features 579 names, including 11 players active in 2018-19: Clemons, Daum, Jon Elmore, Tyler Hall, Fletcher Magee, Garrison Mathews, Matt Morgan, Nick Mayo, Tookie Brown, Jordan Davis and Justin Wright-Foreman.

These numbers differ from the NCAA Record Book in a few ways. First, we have excluded players who scored fewer than 2,000 points at major schools, even if they scored over 2,000 points during their overall college career. For instance, the NCAA record book lists Elgin Baylor with 2,500 career points, but over 800 of those points came at the non-major College of Idaho. The NCAA is inconsistent in its handling of such players. Bo Lamar is a similar case, and is excluded by the NCAA. We've decided to exclude all such players (Joe Dykstra, Ron Simpson, Larry Chanay, Howard Crittenden, Steve Smith, Jim Lacy, Ronnie Price, Larry Jeffries, and Doug Collins are other examples). Additionally, we've elected to count 3-pointers for players who used the shot experimentally in 1982-83. The NCAA does not. Since the shots counted for three points during the games, we've decided they should count in our records. Thus, we credit Joe Jakubick with 2,583 points rather than 2,530 (since he hit 53 3-pointers in 1982-83). This is generally consistent with how schools maintain their records, but not the NCAA.

Finally, there are the cases of Jeff Webster and Chris Davis. Both players played five seasons, with their first seasons being 3 and 2 games, respectively. The NCAA does not count their statistics from their abbreviated first seasons, but we have decided to. This gives them 17 and 16 additional points, respectively, compared to the NCAA record book.

The data in the table is fully sortable, so you can generate cool lists with this table:

      • Tom Gola is the leading rebounder among all 2,000-point scorers with 2,201. Which makes sense since he's the NCAA's all-time rebounding leader
      • Sherman Douglas is the all-time assists leader among 2,000-point scorers with 960.
      • David Robinson is the all-time blocked shots leader among 2,000-point scorers with 516.
      • Steve Johnson's 67.8% FG% is the best among these players. Hot Rod Hundley's 35.4% is the worst.

    We hope you enjoy this new feature. Please let us know if you have any questions.


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