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BBR Feature Add: Practice Shot Charts

Posted by sean on April 1, 2014

Practice Shot Charts. has really upped the level of detail they've added, so we're trying to respond with the latest and greatest data we can get. We've recently come to an agreement with a number of franchises for access to their practice film and have begun breaking down scrimmage data.

Practice shot charts seem to us the next frontier in basketball analytics. This data will show you who's improving, who isn't, and who is working on new aspects of their game. It's especially useful for players without a lot of playing time.

Before we roll it out sidewide, we've prepared some sample charts.

3 Responses to “BBR Feature Add: Practice Shot Charts”

  1. Imadogg Says:

    I love you

  2. Headi Says:

    oh boy... you guys got me there :D


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