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NBA Play-by-Play and Shooting Data for 2014

Posted by David Corby on February 10, 2014

Though we've been quietly updating these data sets for several weeks, consider this our formal announcement of 2014 play-by-play and shooting data. You can find this data in several places on our site. For example, our boxscores now include links for play logs, shot charts, and plus minus summaries. You can find these links on our game boxscores, right below the scoring summary and four factors...



Several play-by-play features are found on our player pages, including detailed shot charts and shooting splits, statistical summaries for all lineup combinations, and on-off summaries. We've also updated our advanced play-by-play tables on the player pages, where you can find plus-minus per 100 figures as well as detailed scoring and turnover statistics. To find the shot charts and other features, go to a player page and find the menu that looks like this...



Most importantly, we're updating our Play Index+ database daily, so that you can take advantage of our powerful search tools to find, for example, all steals by Michael Carter Williams, or all the players with game-winning, buzzer-beating dunks.



5 Responses to “NBA Play-by-Play and Shooting Data for 2014”

  1. Michael Says:

    On the player pages, you list all kinds of turnovers. Where can I find the number of travels a player commits? Also, you have the data for offensive fouls, can you list the amount of charges the player has drawn? On the play by play, it also lists blocking fouls committed so a stat with a ratio of charges drawn to blocking fouls would be really great.

  2. David Corby Says:

    Hey Michael. The best way to get all of a particular turnover is to use our Play Index Plus Event Finder to find all turnovers - then scan the list for traveling violations. Here's an example for Josh Smith...

    For your second question, there's no way to currently find charges drawn and blocking fouls. I agree, that would be a great addition and we'll add it to the shortlist. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Michael Says:

    Thanks. I don't think you updated the play index+. For example on this page you have LeBron at 107.4 on Court O rating. But on LeBron's on/off page, you have him at 114.5. Why the discrepancy?

  4. David Corby Says:

    Michael, thanks for pointing that out. The 114.5 figure is correct and this been fixed in the PI+ data.

  5. Joe San Agustin Says:

    Have the LA LAKERS had a worse record in recent history? They have managed to stay #13 of the 15 teams since the 2nd week of the season (Dec 2013), and have climbed to 10th place only twice (in the 5th and 6th week) - and have just recently plummeted to 14th place this week. And now (Feb 26, 2014) have reached #14!! O my poor Lakers! How sad!!