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BBR: Play-By-Play, Shot Charts, and Plus/Minus Reports

Posted by Justin Kubatko on March 31, 2012

Just a quick note to let you know that I have added play-by-play summaries, shot charts, and plus/minus reports to the Box Scores section for all of the games in our database that have play-by-play data.

I hope you enjoy these new additions, and please let us know if you find anything amiss.

6 Responses to “BBR: Play-By-Play, Shot Charts, and Plus/Minus Reports”

  1. ElGee Says:

    Amazing work Justin - keep it up.

  2. Jason J Says:

    Outstanding! S-R is morphing from the FIRST place I go for stats to the ONLY place I go for stats.

  3. pm Says:

    Great work Justin. Will these shot charts and plus/minus be implemented on the player pages?

  4. Trent Says:

    First of all, I love the new features that you guys have added over the last couple of months for BBR and PFR. Second of all, I was wondering what exactly you guys mean by +/-? I thought that +/- referred to the teams production when the player is on the court (+) vs when the player is off the court (-). As far as I can tell, the +/- used here and on the PI+ Finder means wheat the player does minus what the opponent does.

  5. Neil Says:

    #4 - "Plus/minus" means the points scored by the team while the player is on the floor, minus the points they allowed while on the floor. "On/off" means the team's margin with the player in the game, minus the margin when he was on the bench. The former measures how well the team does in an absolute sense with the player on the floor, while the latter tries to measure how much impact the player had relative to his teammates.

  6. Trent Says:

    Ohhh got it, thanks Neil. Once again, I love the feature, I just wasn't sure how to interpret the results so thanks for clearing that up!