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WNBA and D-League Updates

Posted by David Corby on April 1, 2014

Just a note that we've updated our WNBA stats to include the 2013 season. Likewise, we've updated our D-League stats for the current year through yesterday's games, and will continue to update these daily through the rest of the season (which ends this month, yes!)

You've probably noticed that we maintain separate pages for a player's D-League stats. You can get to each by searching the player's name in our search box - we'll show you both results. We also link to a player's D-League page from their regular NBA page:




You can get to both our WNBA and D-League sites by mousing over the More [+] link at the top of our site...




One Response to “WNBA and D-League Updates”

  1. vadyha Says:

    Hello! Is there any hope in the near future to see the statistics or even scores WNBA and D-league? statistics of players there, but at least being billed as the team played - no. And more. The site is an opportunity to see how the teams have played in history. If you have it appear, it would be easier to look for the results of each match any couple.