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Update Alert! Check out the New and Improved Team Game Finder on Stathead Hockey

Posted by Jonah Gardner on June 22, 2022

The latest update to Stathead is live! After making major improvements to all the Player Game Finders, we've turned our attention to the Team Game Finders, starting with Stathead Hockey.

The biggest addition to the Team Game Finder is a brand new search type! This option is "Find seasons with the most team games matching criteria" and its at the end of the list of search types on top.

This search type will let you see which seasons had the most games that match your search! For example, what if instead of just looking for which team in season had the most games with 5+ goals, you wanted to see which season had the most overall games where a team scored 5+? Now, you can just set up the search like normal, select the new search type, and get your answer.

You can swap in other filters to answer questions like:
What year had the most games where a team that made the playoffs lost by 3+ goals?
What year had the most games where a team took 30+ shots on goal but got shutout?

If you've never tried Stathead, now is the time! Your first month is on us. And if you prefer Football, Basketball or Baseball, you can sign up for an All Sports subscription, as all of those sports will be seeing similar updates to their Team Game Finders in the weeks ahead.

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