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Introducing Basketball’s Premier Research Tool: Stathead

Posted by Mike Lynch on July 27, 2020

Today Basketball Reference is excited to announced the debut of the most powerful set of publicly available research tools on the hardwood. We're calling it Stathead Basketball and you can sign up for a free month of access here. Most of these tools may be familiar to some of our users from the Play Index. But Stathead also comes with the first of what will be many new additions: The Player Quarter Finder, which allows users to find the best performance in a quarter, or groups of quarters, since 1996-97.

Stathead Basketball subscriptions provide access to a suite of tools that allow users to run customized searches through every career statline and box score in NBA & ABA history. We also have tools that allow for searching play-by-play based statistics back to 1996-97 (when revolutionary stars like Kobe, Iverson and Nash entered the league). These tools are omnipresent in every press box, broadcast booth, agency and front office in the National Basketball Association. We're happy to offer access to these professional-grade tools for the low cost of $8/month. Even better, for a limited time we're offer the first month FREE. For more info on Stathead subscriptions, please click here. If you're already a Stathead subscriber to our Baseball or Hockey products and would like to upgrade to All Sports, please click here.

Here's a rundown of some of the tools you'll have access to as a Stathead subscriber:

SEASON FINDERS: The Season Finders allow you to search through season statistics for every player and team in NBA history, all the way back to the inaugural season of the NBA's forerunner, the BAA, in 1946-47. You can manipulate various statistical, biographical and status filters filters to run customized searches across league history. Find out the greatest rookie season of all time or which player scored the most points in his 30s. There's no limit what kind of unique nuggets you might unearth with these tools.

  • -Player Season Finder
    -Team Season Finder
  • GAME FINDERS: Powered by our database of every box score in NBA history, the Game Finders allow users to run customized searches through every box score in the league's existence. Every category for every box score is completely filled in all the way back to 1983-84, while boxes all the way back to 1946-47 have points, field goals, and free throws for all players (and often more). We are constantly fleshing out older box scores to improve these tools. Find out which player scored the most points in his playoff debut or who scored the most points in a game after turning 40.

  • -Player Game Finder
    -Team Game Finder
  • STREAK FINDERS: With the Streak Finders Statheads can search for the longest streaks of games in our box score database. Find the longest 30-point game streaks or longest postseason winning streaks.

  • -Player Streak Finder
    -Team Streak Finder
  • PLAYER COMPARISON FINDER: Choose up to 6 players and compare their stats for their careers or a selection of seasons.

    HEAD 2 HEAD FINDER: Find games and statistics for all game in which any two selected players went head-to-head.

    PLAYER QUARTER FINDER: Search through player regular season and playoff logs by quarter since 1996-97.

    TEAM SCORE FINDER: Search through all team line scores in the Shot-Clock Era (since 1954-55)

    TEAM RIVALRY FINDER: Search through all team game logs in NBA history for all matchups between two franchises.

    PLAY-BY-PLAY FINDERS: Digitized NBA Play-by-Play is available on Basketball-Reference back to 1996-97. These tools harness that data. The Event Finder lets users find specific events (such as field goals, steals, fouls, etc), the Lineup Finder lets users see how given units (2-man, 3-man, 4-man and 5-man) performed together, the Shot Finder allows users to find any field goal attempt (or groups of them) and the Plus-Minus Finder allows users to find players with the best on-court ratings.

    DRAFT FINDER: Search through every NBA draft in history.

    WNBA PLAYER SEASON FINDER: Search through player single-season and career regular season and playoff statistics from the start of the WNBA in 1997 to today.

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