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Moving FIP to the Right and a new Feature

Posted by sean on April 22, 2014

I had wanted to put FIP next to ERA since there is often a lot of reason to want to compare them, but it's causing too much confusion for folks wanting to use ERA, so we are moving it rightward near WHIP. One thing if I have done is that if you hold your mouse over an ERA or FIP value we'll show you a little tooltip with the row's ERA, FIP and Difference all in the same output as shown below. We'll mark the difference Green when the FIP is less than ERA and red otherwise.

This will roll out sitewide over the next hour or two.

Screenshot 2014-04-22 16.36.02

6 Responses to “Moving FIP to the Right and a new Feature”

  1. Kate Kirby Says:

    Are you sure it makes sense for green to be ERA is lower, and red is FIP is lower?

    I'd tend to think of it the other way. As in, warning sign, his ERA is lower than his FIP, expect his luck to regress to the mean and it will get worse. Or, his FIP is better than his ERA, he should improve if all other things stay equal.

  2. captaincoop17 Says:

    For some reason, the San Diego Padres no longer have a SS-A affiliate on the minors affiliate page?

    Shouldn't Eugene still be their affiliate? I'm a little stumped by this?

  3. Chuck Says:

    I'm with Kate. I also think of a better than average indicator as being green and worse than average as being red, depite that worse is a plus and better is a minus.

    Maybe one way to handle it is to flip around ERA and FIP, establishing FIP as the expected baseline. So, using the example above, it might read:

    FIP: 2.67
    ERA: 2.40
    Diff: -0.27

    Then it would make sense to have the minus in green, since it appears more to be an improvement from a baseline expectation.

  4. sean Says:

    You are of course correct on the green and red. I've changed it on the site, but the example here is incorrect/outdated.

    Looks like you are correct on Eugene. @2

  5. John Says:

    Hey Sean,
    Thanks for both changes and thanks for being so responsive to the wishes of those who use your site. I'm sure I'm not the only who really appreciates it.

  6. L-Dewd Says:

    Hello BRers

    Thanks for this change. I had gotten mixed up a few times since FIP was added, and appreciate the move. WHIP n FIP are similar enough (and share two letters!!!) that, to me, pairing them as you did makes perfect sense. And, the mouseover comparison is a handy item.

    Thank You!