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Year-By-Year Rookie Players –

Posted by sean on April 22, 2014

2014 Major League Baseball Rookie Players -

As you know year of debut and the last year of rookie status are two different things. We have attempted to track who was a rookie in what season using the current standards and have produced a seasonal page showing those players' career stats. This data is also included in the play index, so you can search based on rookie status there as well. If you find any errors or omissions let us know.

Also on player pages we will now show the season in which we believe the player lost his rookie status.

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  1. Peter Says:

    May I start by complimenting you all, on a truly difficult job....... well done! I am amazed by the effort you all put into this project and the results that you have attained. I have become a more than avid fan of I am retired and monetary pledges are difficult right now but one day I hope to sponsor a page here. Until then, I have decided to join in the help, as I have plenty of time to do so.
    My first study was on your newly created page called Major League Baseball Rookie Players - I actually suggested this type of page, many moons ago, and was happy when I saw that the page was actually created!

    My first questions are concerning the rookie status of the 2013 season. Were the following players not rookies in 2013?
    Wilken Ramirez (Min)
    Ross Wolf (Tex)
    Andrew Romine (LAA)
    Thomas Field (LAA)
    Alfredo Figaro (Mil)
    Joe Savery (Phil)