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Leaderboard Carousel on B-R

Posted by admin on July 3, 2013 - MLB Stats, Standings, Scores, History.

Nothing too big, but our man on PFR, Mike Kania has put together a nice simple carousel for us that will show the major leaderboards on the front page of B-R each day. As of this writing it's just got WAR stuff on it, but I'm going to expand it out to more material.

Carousel is caught in mid-motion below in the left column of the front page.


5 Responses to “Leaderboard Carousel on B-R”

  1. John Autin Says:

    Pretty cool!

  2. bstar Says:

    Is there any way you guys could slow it down a tad? At the rate the carousel is spinning, it's hard to read but a few names before the list is whisked away for the next.

  3. Kyle Says:

    I agree with Bstar. A little slower would be great. A great tool though.

  4. admin Says:

    If you click on Prev or next the scrolling stops and you can go at your own pace.

  5. Timmy Pea Says:

    Keep it fast, then we know it's the wheel, I mean the carousel!