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New Leaderboard: Year-by-Year Top Tens

Posted by admin on November 28, 2011

Year-by-Year Top-Tens Leaders & Records for Wins Above Replacement -

We've added a new type of leaderboard to the site. The board is a ten-column grid with the years down the site and top ten across the row. It can give you a quick view of who has dominated a particular category over time.

A couple of features:

1. Mousing over the name shows the player's full name and team played for.
2. Selecting a name from the dropdown just above the player list highlights the players and moves you to the last season the player appears on a top ten.
3. This dropdown will stick to the top of the page as you scroll down, so it is always in easy reach.
4. The dropdown lists the total number of appearances in the top ten.
5. The bottom of the page lists the most common players to appear in each slot. For instance, Ruth led the majors in WAR 9 times and was second 5 more times.


14 Responses to “New Leaderboard: Year-by-Year Top Tens”

  1. tbookas Says:

    Shouldn't Tom Seaver be in the top 10 (maybe #1) in 1969?

  2. admin Says:

    He's listed 6 times in the top ten for WAR.

  3. salvo Says:

    Seaver won 25 games in 1969---and the NL Cy Young Award---yet finished just sixth (tied) in pitchers' WAR with 7.6.

    Seaver's WAR total was hurt by pitching "only" 273.1 innings; the other 6 pitchers above or tied with him in WAR had 300 innings or more (well, Marichal had 299.2), including several above 310 (Gaylord Perry had 325). That disadvantage of 40-50 innings pitched is tough to overcome when the guys with more innings are at the level of Gibson, Jenkins, etc.

  4. Rallymonkey5 Says:

    How is the background color determined? It's not alternating, it's not based on league. I'm trying to understand what it represents.

  5. admin Says:

    It shows consecutive appearances in that slot. Note Pujols 2008 and 2009.

  6. spongebob Says:

    another great Stat

    but i would like it if you guys could a blown save stat in the baseball-refrence..........just a suggestion

  7. spongebob Says:

    i meant to say

    another great Stat

    but i would like it if you guys could add a blown save stat in the baseball-refrence..........just a suggestion

  8. spongebob Says:

    BTW...can we also add a Single Game stat in the Baseball-Refrence cause i think that would be a real handy tool

  9. Travis Says:

    Thank you for putting this together, great visual.

    I have to say that the gray/white pairing scheme is not at all intuitive and would benefit from a description on the site.

  10. admin Says:

    Spongebob, what do you mean?

  11. spongebob Says:


    a single game tool so we can see like who has the most rbis in one game or the most strikeouts in one game Exc

    & a blown save stat so we can see how many blown saves someone has

  12. Scott Says:

    This represents a snap-shot in time, where possible? The leaders at or soon after the particular season ended?

    Is this why the WAR numbers listed are different from the player pages for a particular year.

    Example Roy Halladay 2010 WAR year-by-year top 10 shows #6 at 6.6 WAR. (player page shows 7.0 WAR)

  13. Sean Forman Says:

    The 7.0 is pitching only. Halladay's is 6.6 if you include his very poor batting totals.

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