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NBA Finals Composite Stats

Posted by Neil on June 28, 2013

With the NBA Finals ending last week, we now have a composite Finals stats page for 2013 here. You can access previous years' composite stats from the Finals (or any other series) by going to the yearly playoffs pages, mousing over the menu option marked "Series ?", and picking the playoff round in question.

On another related note, you can also access sortable stats from the Finals (single-game, single-season, or career) using the Player Game Finder, choosing "Game Type" = Playoffs, and picking the round you want.

One Response to “NBA Finals Composite Stats”

  1. FraQ Says:

    Thanks for the new tool!
    I think it would be also interesting to add something similar to the "player season finder", in order to sort out, for example, how many players (beyond James), averaged 25 Pts, 11 Trb, 7 Ass and 2 Stl per game in a Finals series...
    Thanks again for your epic database!