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How To “SHARE” S-R Stats

Posted by Neil on August 8, 2012

If you've spent any time at our sites, you've probably seen the "SHARE" command in red text above a table of stats... but maybe you didn't know what that did, or have forgotten how to use it. No worries -- here's a quick rundown of the features you can access by clicking "SHARE":

  • Customize rows & columns - Sharing lets you delete certain rows/columns that you don't want to include in your table. Just click the round 'x' button to delete a specific row/column, or the arrow 'x' to get rid of everything to the right (columns) or directly below (rows) the row/column in question.
  • Export as an HTML table - Clicking 'html
    ' gives you code to embed the table onto your site (you can even choose to keep S-R's inline style formatting).
  • Get a link - Choosing Link URL creates an SR tiny URL specifically for the table you created, which can easily be sent to others via twitter or directly linked at your blog.
  • Export as bbcode - This option lets you copy-and-paste the table into most bulletin board formats.
  • Export into a javascript widget - This will give you code to embed the static table on your site via a js widget. (Note: The 'Embed' option next to 'SHARE' allows you to do this as well, but as a constantly-updated table instead of a static one.)
  • Export as an iframe - For those who prefer to embed the table within an inline frame.
  • Export into preformatted text or CSV
  • Convert table to Wiki formatting - This will turn the table into a format suitable for sites like Wikipedia.

These features are currently active at all Sports-Reference sites except Hockey-Reference, which will be updated either this week or next. Happy sharing!

6 Responses to “How To “SHARE” S-R Stats”

  1. Thomas Nelshoppen Says:

    This is a fantastic feature that I often use. Thanks!

    One small thing... I usually have to click "Share" and close it and click it again if I want to customize the view (the red Xs don't appear the first time).

    Not a big deal but I wanted others to know this.

    Might be browser-specific. I use Chrome and honestly haven't tested it with FF or IE.

    thanks again for a great website!

  2. Hockey-Reference Template Update » Sports Reference » Blog Archive Says:

    [...] stats.You can now use our SHARE capability to customize tables, link to H-R content, and embed stats on your own [...]

  3. Fourfriends1679 Says:

    Love the sharing tool! I plan to make good use of it on my blog. (With due credit, of course!)

    But I found a bug!

    If the player 'did not serve' in one of more of his first years (examples: Yogi Berra, Bob Buhl, John Hamilton) for whatever reason (Military, Restricted, Injured) the you can't delete stat columns past the first one. The "X's" just dont appear, except in the first coulmn.

    (Easy test: Try doing Berra so it only shows his triple crown stats, for example.)

    So far haven't had any trouble with other players. My All-Time Braves were coming along nicely... until I got to Buhl!

    Please fix! This tool is way too awsome to leave like this!


  4. Fourfriends1679 Says:

    Obviously, that should say JOSH Hamilton. Not JOHN Hamilton.
    (Who the hell is HE?!)


  5. Fourfriends1679 Says:

    Here's another bug:

    I found this doing Rick Camp's post season stats. Kind of the same problem as above...

    If the player has only 1 year (Like Camp, in the PS) there are no red "X's" to delete colums with.

    Problem exists in Regular Seaosn as well. (Try to do Eddie Gaedel showing only his triple crown stats.)

    (Sorry. First guy who popped into my head who I knoew only play one season.)

    Please fix!

    I love this tool otherwise!

  6. Fourfriends1679 Says:

    Still getting this bug - no "X's" accross the first row.

    Only THIS TIME I saw it with both Chipper Jones and Warren Spahn, neither of whom fits any of the descriptions I placed above.

    What's going on?!