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Add Your Blog Posts to PFR Player Pages

Posted by Neil on September 18, 2012

PFR Player Name Linker / Add your Site to our Player Newsfeeds

As you may have seen, we have newsfeeds on the PFR player pages, showing the latest player news from KFFL, injury reports and links to relevant PFR blog posts. If you have a blog or website with an RSS feed you can add your site to relevant player pages as well. Our Player Linker Tool will take your blog posts as you've written them and run them through a program and add links to PFR player pages where appropriate. So while you don't have the resource to create your own player pages for your site, you can treat us as your site's statistics partner, linking Eli Manning's name to our stats or any player all the way back to Y.A. Tittle and Otto Graham.

If the links then appear in your rss feed and you let us know to look for them, we'll pull them out of your feed and then link back to you from Eli's page, or Otto Graham's or whomever you link to.

If you help your users find our great content, we'll help our users find yours. And best of all it is all automated except for one click of an easy-to-install bookmarklet. Check the Player Newsfeeds page for details. This link share will also work for tables you share using the SHARE tooltip found above every stats table on the site.

4 Responses to “Add Your Blog Posts to PFR Player Pages”

  1. footballissexbaby Says:

    If I click on the Player Linker Tool I only get a blank page saying "Error" :(

  2. Neil Says:

    Sorry, should be fixed now. Was linking to nonexistent directories under the domain instead of P-F-R.

  3. footballissexbaby Says:

    You still have a typo in it. It probably should be:

    instead of:

    Btw, pretty nice service!

  4. bob Says:

    1946 leading kick returner in total return yards was Abe Karnofsky, Boston Yanks with 599 yards and 2nd in average yards per return with a 28.5 average. By the way, Sonny Karnofsky will be 90 this Sunday....