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Sports Reference Acquires Immaculate Grid

Posted by Sam Nipatnantaporn on July 11, 2023

Sports Reference LLC has acquired the online baseball-themed trivia game, Immaculate Grid

This unique opportunity and acquisition for Sports Reference is the company’s first venture into expanding its websites to have playable content. With over one million users a day, Baseball Reference hopes to drive new traffic to the game, and vice versa. 

Moving forward, the Immaculate Grid game will now be integrated into, enticing players to dive down the rabbit hole of the site and learn more about players, teams, and statistics.

An homage to baseball’s immaculate inning, Immaculate Grid tests the knowledge of baseball fans with a daily game allowing players nine guesses to complete a nine square grid. Immaculate Grid was launched by Brian Minter on April 4th and by mid-June was seeing over 100,000 daily plays. Brian is a baseball fan and software engineer in Atlanta, Georgia who conceived of the game during his free time.

"Brian has built an incredibly engaging game that has attracted hundreds of thousands of fans. I've spent many mornings scouring the recesses of my brain looking for that one player who played for both the Phillies and the Padres. We are excited Brian reached out to us about expanding his game to additional sports. Many on our team have been active players of the game for months now, and we are excited to bring it to all of our sites," said Sean Forman, President of Sports Reference LLC, "I can assure fans of the game, we aren't looking to change what makes the game great."

A new feature of the game will include a list of possible answers in the summary section. Users will now be able to see all potential players, visit their Baseball Reference page, or see Stathead query results.

We have also expanded How-To-Play details to provide more guidance and information on how correct players qualify, and hyperlinked most popular answers to their player page on

Sean Forman and Brian Minter are available for guest commentary on podcasts and for interviews. Sports Reference will be seeking opportunities to work with content creators in the baseball industry. For more information on collaborations and booking, please reach out to Marketing Director Maggie Walsh Deaver at [email protected].


About Sports Reference LLC:

Sports Reference’s family of websites is the internet's leading, easy to use resource for current and historical sports data, biographical information, and advanced statistics. It first launched with in April 2000 and Sports Reference LLC was then formed in December of 2007. Along with Baseball Reference, Sports Reference’s websites also includes Basketball Reference, Pro Football Reference, Hockey Reference, FBref (Soccer), Sports Reference College Basketball, Sports Reference College Football, and lastly, their subscription based suite of sports research tools, Stathead. Sports Reference aims to democratize data so that users can enjoy, understand, and share the sports they love.

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