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New Stathead Tool! Presenting the Hockey Span Finder

Posted by Jonah Gardner on December 20, 2022

We're excited to announce the addition of a new tool to Stathead Hockey: the Player Span Finder!

The Span Finder is one of the most powerful tools in the Stathead arsenal. It gives you the ability to search for combined stat totals over a span of games. For hockey, that means you now have the ability to search for things like the most goals in *any* ten game span.

Additionally, there are filters that give you the ability to narrow down your search, if you're looking for different kinds of spans. You can look for the start or end of a season, the start or end of a player's career, or the start or end of a player's time with a team or franchise. If someone gets traded and has a hot start with his new team, the Span Finder is the tool to use.

There are more filters to give you the ability to narrow by team, game circumstances, position, rookie status, and more. You can also toggle from regular season to postseason and look for spans in the playoffs.

If you've never tried Stathead Hockey before, now is the perfect time! The season is in full swing and the Span Finder will give you more ways to explore hockey stats than ever before. Learn more about Stathead Hockey, your all-access pass to the Hockey Reference database

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