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Player Statistics Added to AAFC Box Scores

Posted by Mike Lynch on December 22, 2022

Thanks to the research of Pete Palmer and Ken Pullis, Pro Football Reference has added player statistics (passing, rushing, receiving, defensive interceptions, kicking, punting and kick/punt returns) to every box score in AAFC history. This means we now have, for instance, complete passing logs for Hall of Famer Otto Graham, rushing logs for Hall of Famer Marion Motley, receiving logs for Hall of Famer Mac Speedie, kick/punt return logs for Chet Mutrynkicking logs for Hall of Famer Lou Groza, and the whole nine yards from Spec Sanders, who passed, ran, received, returned, punted AND intercepted during his outstanding AAFC career.

These statistics can be found in our AAFC box scores, as well as on player game log pages like the ones mentioned above.

The All-America Football Conference ran from 1946 to 1949, with the Cleveland Browns, coached by Hall of Famer Paul Brown, winning all four championships. At the conclusion of the AAFC's four-season run, the Browns, along with the San Francisco 49ers and the original Baltimore Colts (a different franchise from the one now known as the Indianapolis Colts), joined the NFL. The Browns immediately made a statement on the legitimacy of the AAFC by defeating the 2x defending NFL champion Philadelphia Eagles in their NFL debut and eventually winning the 1950 NFL Championship game over the Rams.

The following Pro Football Hall of Famers competed in the AAFC:

Len Ford

Frank Gatski

Otto Graham

Lou Groza

Elroy Hirsch

Bruiser Kinard

Dante Lavelli

Marion Motley

Ace Parker

Joe Perry

Y.A. Tittle

Arnie Weinmeister

Bill Willis

We hope you enjoy this addition.

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