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Postseason Stats & More Improvements to Baseball Season Finders!

Posted by Jonah Gardner on March 24, 2022

We're very excited to announce some updates to the Batting and Pitching Player Season Finders on Baseball Stathead, including a new feature that ranks as one of the most requested ones we've received over the years.

Watch this video to see these amazing new updates in action, or keep reading to learn what's new.

That feature is Postseason stats, which are now available in the Season Finder for the first time! This will make answering questions like "What players had a 1.000 OPS in a Postseason" or looking for Postseason leaders in stats like home runs or RBIs, from one year or a range of years, a breeze.

Just switch the Game Type to Postseason

However, with the power of the Season Finder combined with Postseason stats, those sorts of questions are just the tip of the iceberg. You can use the "Find players with most seasons matching criteria" search option to answer questions like "Who had the most 1.000 OPS Postseasons in their career". And other options like "Find most players in a season matching criteria" or "Find most players for a team matching criteria" mean you can find which team or year had the most players with 10+ RBIs in the Postseason.

The 2007 Red Sox had a lot of 10-RBI Players

There's more to this latest update than the Postseason stats! We've also improved the functionality of the All-Star filter. Previously, it would only check to see if a player was an All-Star at any point in their career; now it will search for All-Star appearances in the range selected. That means you can answer questions like "What pitcher had the highest ERA in a season where he made the All-Star Game" or "Who had the most WAR in the 1970s without making an All-Star Game."

In addition to these, you'll find that the menu of Statistical Filter options is much easier to navigate as the stats are now organized and grouped the same way they are on Baseball Reference player pages. We've also made a number of improvements under the hood to make sure the Season Finder runs even more smoothly than before.

If you haven't tried Stathead yet, now's the perfect time! You can try it for free for a month to take advantage of these powerful new updates and experience the entire range of Stathead tools.

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