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Introducing Football’s Premier Research Tool: Stathead Football

Posted by Mike Lynch on September 15, 2020

In previous months, we have launched Stathead Baseball, Stathead Hockey and Stathead Basketball. Today, we're thrilled to announce that Stathead Football has joined our suite of Stathead tools, the most powerful set of sports research tools available to the public. In fact, they're so good that the pros (whether they're running teams or covering them) also swear by them.

If you're new to Stathead, you can try out Stathead Football for a month for free. After that, a subscription is $8/month for just Stathead Football or $16/month for an All Sports subscription, which gives you access to Stathead Baseball, Basketball, Hockey and Football (and eventually College Sports).

Stathead Football currently has 15 tools, with more to come. A Stathead Football subscription also grants a user ad-free access to Pro-Football-Reference so that you can browse the site with better load times and fewer distractions. An All Sports subscription comes with ad-free browsing on all of our sites.

If you're a current single-sports Stathead subscriber and would like to upgrade to an All Sports account, you may do so here.

Here's a rundown of some of the tools you'll have access to as a Stathead subscriber:

PLAYER SEASON FINDER: Search through player seasons spanning from 1920 to today for single or combined seasons that match your criteria.

GAME FINDERS: Search through player game logs spanning from 1950 to today for games that match your criteria with the Player Game Finder or search through team games since 1940 to find games or seasons that match your criteria with the Team Game Finder.

STREAK FINDERS: Search player games from 1950 to today and seasons from 1920 to today to find streaks that match your criteria with the Player Streak Finder or search team games from 1940 to today and seasons from 1920 to today to find streaks that match your criteria with the Team Streak Finder.

GAME PLAY FINDER: Search all plays from 1994 to today to find performances that match your criteria.

DRIVE FINDER: Search all team drives from 2001 to today to find performances that match your criteria.

PLAYER TOUCHDOWN FINDER: Search through every touchdown scored from 1922 to today for scores that match your criteria.

PLAYER FIELD GOAL FINDER: Search through every field goal attempt from 1960 to today

PLAYER COMPARISON FINDER: Select up to six players to compare single season offensive or defensive stats, career stats, or a span of years.

DRAFT FINDER: Search through every NFL and AFL draft pick from 1936 to today

COMBINE RESULTS FINDER: Searchable index of NFL Draft Combine results since 2000

TEAM RECORD FINDER: Search through team seasons since 1920 to find how teams finished after starting with a particular record.

TRADE FINDER: Find NFL trades from 1994 to now, by team, draft round, draft pick, player position and more.

For an explanation of the motivation for the creation of the Stathead service, please see this post from Sports Reference president Sean Forman.

If you're interested in a subscription for a group of users to share, please contact us.

3 Responses to “Introducing Football’s Premier Research Tool: Stathead Football”

  1. Mark Growcott Says:

    Any update on when an annual subscription will be available?

    I note when you launched the Baseball, Basketball and Hockey versions of Stathead accompanying the release, a new research tool was also launched, why no new feature(s) for Football?


  2. Richie Says:

    Hi, I subscribe to Stathead, and don't mind it because I use the tool a lot. I don't mind paying for services that I use.

    With that said, have you considered a subscription service to eliminate (or greatly reduce) ads on the main site? The advertisements have really become obtrusive and reduce the overall performance of the site. I would be willing to pay extra if I didn't get ads.

  3. Mike Lynch Says:

    Hi Richie,

    Stathead subscriptions come with ad-free on the associated site. So Stathead Football makes Pro-Football-Reference ad-free (make sure you're logged in) and All Sports Stathead subscriptions come with Ad-Free on all of our sites (again so long as you're logged in).

    Please reach out to us at [email protected] if this isn't working for you.

    And thank you for your support!