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Change to 1880 Cincinnati (NL)

Posted by Alex Bonilla on April 13, 2020

When the National League was founded in 1876, one of the inaugural teams was the Cincinnati Reds. They folded a couple of years later, and the team we know as the Reds today would be founded in 1882. Previously, we had the inaugural Reds franchise as lasting to the 1880 season before folding. However, after research presented by Jim Farmer and consultation with John Thorn and Retrosheet, we've decided to mark 1880 Cincinnati as a different franchise named the Stars, with the inaugural Reds having ended after the 1879 season.

Putting it another way:


Cincinnati Reds (old): 1876-1880
Cincinnati Reds (new): 1882-present


Cincinnati Reds (old): 1876-1879
Cincinnati Stars: 1880
Cinncinati Reds (new): 1882-present

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  1. Chris Haynes Says:

    I had been wondering about this.

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