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2020 CPBL Stats on Baseball-Reference

Posted by Alex Bonilla on April 14, 2020

With the current state of sports being mostly halted due to coronavirus concerns, the Chinese Professional Baseball League is in a rare position as they had their Opening Day and are planning to fill a regular schedule, albeit without spectators. Baseball Reference tracks various foreign leagues already, and we're happy to report that we will be receiving 2020 CPBL statistics as the season moves along.

The first game of the season was a win for the Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions over the Chinatrust Brothers. The Lions' Opening Day starter on the mound was Ryan Feierabend, who pitched for the Toronto Blue Jays in 2019. Former Seattle Mariner Ariel Miranda was the Brothers' starting pitcher. The only homer of the game was launched by Kai-Wen Zheng, who's been with the Lions since 2016.

We've also filled in CPBL history so now we have player stats for the league since 1990. For example, on Manny Ramirez's page we finally show his .352/.422/.555 campaign in 2013 with the EDA Rhinos (at age 41, no less).

2020 CPBL statistics will be updating daily so keep up with the league on Baseball-Reference! Please let us know if you have any comments, questions or concerns.



3 Responses to “2020 CPBL Stats on Baseball-Reference”

  1. DarkSide830 Says:

    I love the additions of more stats in recent years. always love being able to browse more off beat leagues and finding neat things. Any chance we could see stats from Spain's División de Honor de Béisbol at some point? I didnt even know it existed until i heard Ramon Rosso (AAA, PHI) played there a few years ago.

  2. Updates Daily? Says:

    There have been no updates since Sunday. How often will you be updating 2020 CPBL statistics?

  3. Mike Lynch Says:

    Should be updating daily soon. Our apologies for any interruptions

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