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QB Starter Splits on Pro-Football-Reference

Posted by Alex Bonilla on May 20, 2019

In past blog entries, we announced the addition of starter and substitute data for every quarterback since 1950 to Pro-Football-Reference, and how that allowed for the Player Game Finder to now have the capability for "First x QB Starts" searches.

Another addition that stems from this added starting QB data is a section in quarterbacks' splits pages that easily lays out their statistics just in games they started. This can be a useful additional piece of information for quarterbacks who played a substantial number of games as both a backups and starter during their career, such as Gus Frerotte or Don Strock. It can also help to make the winning record of a quarterback without their appearances as a holder or backup clearer on the splits page; one modern case of this is Tony Romo.

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