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2017 WNBA Section is Live

Posted by Jonah Gardner on May 15, 2017

Exciting news for basketball fans; with the 2017 WNBA season underway, the WNBA section of our site is also up-and-running for this season. If you want to keep up with the Los Angeles Sparks' attempt to defend their title or check on how Elena Della Donne is doing in Washington, just go to the WNBA section of Basketball-Reference (there's a link on every page in the footer).

We'll be updating the site weekly on Mondays. Also statheads should note that, in addition to the standard box score numbers, we also have advanced stats, including Offensive/Defensive Rating, Win Shares, PER, and more.

4 Responses to “2017 WNBA Section is Live”

  1. Duneflower Says:

    NBA site is updated daily, but WNBA only weekly? Feels disrespectful to me.

  2. Jonah Gardner Says:

    Hi Duneflower, No disrespect is intended, we're a pretty small operation and have to manage resources accordingly. Our hope is that by offering these stats, interest in the WNBA continues to grow to the point that we can build the capacity to do this daily

  3. Duneflower Says:

    Hell, I'd offer to help with it if I didn't already have a job that was sapping my soul. XP

  4. pilight Says:

    Great news!