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Updates to NBL, D-League, and WNBA Sections

Posted by Justin Kubatko on May 3, 2013

I've made some updates to the NBL, D-League, and WNBA sections of

  • Each section now has a navigation bar near the top of every page, making it much easier to jump from one subsection to another.
  • A subsection has been added to the WNBA section for WNBA coaches.
  • Basic biographical information has been added for some WNBA players.
  • Footnotes have been added to the NBL standings to note cases where franchises moved or folded, teams had forfeit wins or losses, etc.

Please let us know if you have any question or comments about these changes.

One Response to “Updates to NBL, D-League, and WNBA Sections”

  1. vadyha Says:

    Hello! Is there any hope in the near future to see the statistics or even scores WNBA and D-league? statistics of players there, but at least being billed as the team played - no. And more. The site is an opportunity to see how the teams have played in history. If you have it appear, it would be easier to look for the results of each match any couple.

    Thank you for your work!