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Play Finder Updated Through 1998

Posted by Mike on August 15, 2014

We've added play-by-play data for the entire 1998 season to the play finder play index tool, another 41,000+ plays worth of data (bringing us up to over 725,000 total plays, including every play from every Super Bowl). Data-wise, this means we have Peyton Manning's entire career covered (as well as Ryan Leaf's if that's what you're into). All plays (and expected points, pass targets, and tackles) should now show up on 1998 boxscores as well.

One Response to “Play Finder Updated Through 1998”

  1. Dusty Sloan Says:

    This is great! I have researched the 1987 strike games for years. Once you get back that far, I will have the printer and paper ready!