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Search for Walkoff Wins/Loss in Game Finders –

Posted by sean on May 23, 2014

I'm not sure why it took me 8 years to do this, but you can now search for walkoffs in the game finder play index tools.

Using the game finder you can find all of the walkoff wins and losses for your team. Using the controls at the top you can even see who's had the most walkoff wins or losses in a season. Please keep in mind that this is 100% complete back to 1974 and then will get progressively less complete back to 1940, though still pretty good. You can always check our coverage page to figure out what might be missing. When searching for walkoffs, we will also print out the type of play and the batter and pitcher involved, since we know that's what you want to see.

Screenshot 2014-05-23 16.51.01

We've also added a walkoff notation to the team schedules. The same caveats apply to the data found in the game finders.

Screenshot 2014-05-23 16.50.41

Team Batting Game Finder -- -

Team Batting Game Finder -- -

2014 KC Royals team schedule.

6 Responses to “Search for Walkoff Wins/Loss in Game Finders –”

  1. dave d Says:

    June 2, 2013 Pirates/Reds
    2 walk-off hits

    August 16, 2011 Pirates/cardinals
    2 walk-off hits

    August 7, 2010 Pirates/Rockies
    2 walk-off hits

    2 walk-off hits?????

  2. Norman Morrow Says:

    did you keep the ability to sum games over the span of seasons on the team pages? Which team has the greatest number of walk-off wins in their history not just a season.

  3. sean Says:

    @1, I don't follow your comment. You need to pick either the winning or losing team as (select W or L above that) else both teams will get a row in the output.

    @2, Right now we just sum on a year.

  4. Norman Morrow Says:

    I thought you could do a multi- season search and sum the games like the player game finders sorry. You can do that in the event finders. My bad.

  5. dave d Says:

    It sounds like this gives the player that had the most hits in a game that ended in a walk-off instead of the player that had the most hits that were walk-off
    A guy goes 5-5 in a game but a guy that is a PH gets a walk-off. The 5-5 guy is listed at the top but the other guy (that won the game) is way down on the bottom with just 1 hit.
    I want to know who has the most walk-off hits in a season or career (I think that's in the event finder) not who went 5-5 the most amount of times in a walk-off game.
    If walk-off is the primary function of this search, then that should be the focus not other guys with a bunch of hits.

  6. sean Says:

    @5, correct it does not group on the walk off hitter. It only notes if the game was a walkoff. It's really more of a team search.