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Season Finders now with Wins Above Average (WAA)

Posted by sean on May 2, 2014

Got a request for this and it was an easy addition to make, so we now have wins above average in both the pitching and batting season finders.

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5 Responses to “Season Finders now with Wins Above Average (WAA)”

  1. baltimorechop Says:

    This is awesome! thanks so much.

  2. Matt Vandermast Says:

    Thanks! I seriously thought of requesting this some time ago, but didn't want to seem like a pain.

  3. birtelcom Says:

    Santa arrives early this year! Thanks.

  4. Charles Saeger Says:

    Well, all my requests must be pains. :)

  5. Matt Vandermast Says:

    Charles: Thanks for making the request. I'm glad you made it, and I didn't intend any criticism of whoever made it. :) I have only myself to blame for being too tentative.

    Around the time of the first Trout-Cabrera MVP controversy (10/4/12), Sean blogged, "...if you think replacement level is bunk use WAA or wins above average." I considered asking WAA to be added to the Season Finder at that time, but part of me suspected that Sean would already have added it if he considered it worth it. I do realize there's already a long list of features on the finder.