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Play Index: Turnover Type in Event Finder

Posted by sean on March 11, 2014

Just a note that we've added turnover type to our Play Index Event Finder tool.

In particular, you can now find any of the following for a team or player:

  • Offensive Fouls
  • Bad/Stolen Passes
  • Lost Ball Turnovers
  • Traveling Violations
  • Palming Violations
  • Double Dribbles



... with more turnover categories to come at some point. You can find the Event Finder as the first linked item on our Play Index+ page:



This table is a supplement to our Play by Play tables on the player pages, which we added at the beginning of the season.


7 Responses to “Play Index: Turnover Type in Event Finder”

  1. Rally Says:

    Would it be possible to add offensive fouls drawn by defenders?

  2. David Corby Says:

    @Rally - That's definitely something we plan to add.

  3. Don Michaels Says:

    Is it possible to search for AND1s and 4-point plays?

  4. David Corby Says:

    @Don - It's possible to add both of those. We have And-1s on the player page play-by-play tables right now. Will get it into the Play Index tool at some point (and will be sure to distinguish 3-pt & 4-pt)

  5. Don Michaels Says:

    @David - And-1s on player page play-by-play tables include all "Field goals on which the player is fouled", without distinguishing 2-pt and 3-pt shots, as you said, and also include missed free throw attempts. This is different than the "standard" definition of And-1s (sometimes called traditional or old-fashioned three-point play) of only including 2-pt shots AND a made free throw. I would suggest to include both in play-by-play tables by putting the traditional And-1s first and move the totals with missed free throws in parenthesis.

  6. David Corby Says:

    @Don - You're right that that's potentially confusing. I plan to work on the play-by-play tables in a month or two and will see what I can do to make this clear. Thanks.

  7. Don Michaels Says:

    @David - Great. Thanks.