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Walk-Off Plays added to Event Finder

Posted by admin on October 5, 2012

199 2012 Walk-Off PA's

Previously, you could sort of get walk-off plays, but you would also get plays where the game-ended by the pitching team making an out. I've now added a check to make sure that the batting team has won the game. So our Event Finder now lists, go-ahead, game-ending and walkoff all separately.

Note that this will not include the odd baserunning play like a walk-off passed ball, wild pitch, SB, etc.

2 Responses to “Walk-Off Plays added to Event Finder”

  1. Jon Says:

    How about them Orioles? Only team to not lose a game by walkoff.

  2. Jack Stanton Says:

    I don't think Mantle's hit on the 3rd of Oct. in '53 belongs on this list. While he did end the game with a hit, the Yankees lost when Billy Martin was thrown out on the bases.