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Postseason Leaderboards

Posted by Neil on October 18, 2012

Did you know that B-R has all-time leaderboards for the playoffs? We currently have:

  • Batting and Pitching Leaders for the World Series (Career and Single-Series)
  • Batting and Pitching Leaders for the League Championship Series (Career and Single-Series)
  • Batting and Pitching Leaders for the Division Series (Career and Single-Series)
  • Batting and Pitching Leaders for the entire Playoffs (Career and Single-Year)


8 Responses to “Postseason Leaderboards”

  1. Lance Coon Says:

    Which managers have managed more than one team in the postseason? Who has managed the most different teams. Jim Leyland has three; does anyone else?

  2. pauley67 Says:

    well from just this years playoffs, Bob Melvin and Bruce Bochy have both taken two teams to the playoffs, Buck Showalter, Dusty Baker and Leyland 3 and Davey Johnson 4.

  3. Joe Garrison Says:

    I find it interesting that Mariano Rivera is lone pitcher on the all-time post season games played list:

    Rank Player G PA
    1. Derek Jeter 158 734
    2. Jorge Posada 125 492
    3. Bernie Williams 121 545
    4. David Justice 112 471
    5. Manny Ramirez 111 493
    6. Tino Martinez 99 405
    7. Mariano Rivera 96 3
    8. Kenny Lofton 95 438
    9. Chipper Jones 93 417
    10. Paul O'Neill 85 340

  4. scott-53 Says:

    @3-Also not to many teams represented. Yankees, Indians, Braves....

  5. scott-53 Says:

    The top ten career leaders in games played equals 1095 games played as of today. I'm guessing 40% of those games were played in Yankee pinstripes.

  6. scott-53 Says:

    After a closer look. Its closer to 60% of the games played were in Yankee pinstripes.

  7. Scott-53 Says:

    @ 6---Only Chipper Jones (Braves) & Manny Ramirez (Indians, Red Sox) spent none of their playoff careers wearing Yankee pinstripes.

  8. Scott-53 Says:

    2012 Composite Line Score

    Tigers 0-0-2-0-0-2-0-0-2-0-----6-20-1

    Giants 1-3-3-1-1-2-3-1-0-1---16-32-1

    Giants score in every inning but the 9th. Giants win in 4 game sweep. Tigers score all 6 runs in innings 3-6-9.